Hugene – 29er Trail Bike

HUGENE is our interpretation of the perfect trailbike. A bike that flies up mountains with ease and puts a fat smile on your face on the way back down. For the first time, we are relying on large 29″ wheels and have optimized our tried-and-tested PRO10 suspension system for them. This results in a great balance between smoothness and agility, providing lots of safety for the rider without feeling boring.


The current lineup offers three fixed “series bikes” plus one freely configurable “Project Free”. We’re changing this with HUGENE. We’re offering three preconfigurations, but each of them can be freely configured. That means you can start with a base bike (Start, Bestseller, or Highend) and adjust components individually or adjust all components. Start is the cheapest entry-level model, while Highend comes with top features. Performance is our recommendation to our customers, offering the best value for money.

Special Blend Carbon

When it comes to the frame material, we make no compromises. Therefore, our carbon frames are made from a combination of various carbon prepreg materials of the highest quality. Depending on the location and load, unidirectional or different fiber mats are used. The materials are distinguished by an exceptionally high proportion of specially selected load-bearing fibers with particularly high tensile strength. All frames are tested on our test stands until failure and are subjected to rigorous tests by our team riders, such as World Cup pro Phil Atwill, in order to ensure the best-possible performance of our products.

Pro10 Hugene Tuned

Our PRO10 suspension system, praised by the trade press, has been completely revamped for HUGENE. The shock now sits in front of the seatpost and is perfectly protected against dirt and mud. At the same time, we’ve made space for the 29″ wheels. For the HUGENE as a trailbike, we’ve paid particular attention to its drive efficiency. With 100% anti-squat, the chainstay always keeps its cool uphill. HUGENE climbs almost like a hardtail but also offers you sturdy downhill performance, as the kinematics have been optimized so that the shock gradually stiffens, offering both perfect sensitivity and high impact absorption.

Propain Dirt Shield

All frame bearings have a specially sealed bearing cover that provide optimum protection against dirt and moisture.