Rage CF

New size available

Big news rolling in from Propain Bikes!

The Rage CF is now also available in a new XL frame size. Our Team rider Rudy Cabirou already rides the new frame since the beginning of this World Cup season. The raising demand for longer DH bikes continues and especially in combination with the larger 29” wheel this really makes sense. So we decided to fill this gap in our lineup of DH bikes.

The Bike is made for tall people, I measure 1,87cm. The bike is very stable especially on the tracks we’re riding currently. It’s very fast and this XL bike keeps good speed. We have the setting here with 10mm offset. It’s very good because depending on the track we can move the reach adjuster and I have a bigger or smaller bike. So, with one size you can have a very different bike. You can head up on every track on in this world. It’s very good for me to have a bike like this.

Rudy Cabirou

The new RAGE X-Large offers TOP SPEED for everyone – game on!

The Rage CF in 27,5” is now available in size M, L and XL. SIZE M and L remain the same only a new XL frame was added on top of the range. The well-known reach adjuster will be available for all sizes as usual.
For the current 29” Rage a X-Large version was added to the lineup as well, making the 29” version available in 2 sizes. The new XL size in 29” is the version which Rudy is riding.

When we were preparing for the World cup season with our new Team rider Rudy Cabirou it turned out that an extra-long version is required to match Rudy’s body size. This especially makes sense for the 29” version, as it features a slightly shorter reach than the respective frame size in 27,5”. The new bike now gives him enough room to move and allows him to adjust the reach up to a whooping 487mm. The development was the logical consequence to allow a tall guy like Rudy to have a bike that’s really stable at top-speeds in World Cup racing.

Robert Krauss
XL -10 XL 0 XL +10
Frame size 420 mm / 16,5″ 420 mm / 16,5″ 420 mm / 16,5″
Wheelbase – short chainstay 1.278 mm 1.288 mm 1.298 mm
Wheelbase – long chainstay 1.292 mm 1.302 mm 1.312 mm
Head angle 63,0° 63,0° 63,0°
BB offset 3 mm 3 mm 3 mm
Seat angle – actual 60,5° 60,5° 60,5°
Seat angle – effective 74,0° 74,0° 74,0°
Head tube length 120 mm 120 mm 120 mm
Fork length 590 mm 590 mm 590 mm
Fork offset 48 mm 48 mm 48 mm
Chainstay length – short 445 mm 445 mm 445 mm
Chainstay length – long 459 mm 459 mm 459 mm
Top tube length 645 mm 655 mm 665 mm
Reach 471 mm 481 mm 491 mm
Stack 610 mm 614 mm 618 mm