Carson Storch's Red Bull Rampage Recap with PROPAIN

Red Bull Rampage 2022 is over and it was an honor for us to be part of this extraordinary event for the first time. We want to review the past two weeks and tell you what Carson Stork experienced during his eighth Rampage.

Often you don’t realize how much work Red Bull Rampage actually means to the riders and the team around it. With a change of location back to the venue used from 2008 to 2013, the riders and volunteers had their hands full building their new lines down the mountain, as there was hardly anything left of the old lines from almost 10 years ago. Each rider had two helpers and 10 days to plan and create their own line down the mountain. Some riders shared sections of the line with others to keep the effort a little less. For example, Carson shared much of his line with Tom van Steenbergen.

After about 5 days with only his hands on the shovel and pickaxe, Carson was able to test the first features on his line. Typical for the Utah desert, it was very dusty and always a real challenge for man and machine. Testing jumps and drops for the first time was especially challenging for the riders, as they didn’t know the right speed for the features they had built.

Carson was extremely focused during this time and had only one goal in mind: to build his line perfectly as he imagines it and, of course, to ride it perfectly. In addition to the physical exertion of spending 12 hours a day on the tools, the mental pressure to ride the line perfectly on the final day should not be underestimated. The riders have two chances to ride their line in the final, but as it turned out, there was only one chance in the final due to increasing wind.

And then it was time: On the final day, Carson was already the second rider to drop in and put down an absolutely perfect run. With a lot of style, an unbelievably difficult and technical line, and two massive 360 flat drops typical for Carson Storch, he was able to secure a great 6th place with a score of 77. Congratulations!

"So happy to walk away healthy, and in 6th place, putting down the line I wanted clean. So much more in the tank, but building these lines were so tough this year for everyone. So stoked to see all my friends nail their runs, and to know that Kyle Strait will recover from his crash in practice, is the best thing. Til next time Rampage!"

If you want to learn more about his bike, the Spindrift CF, then read our Bike check Also, follow Carson on his social media channels to never miss a thing:

Photos by Nathan Hughes and Aaron Blatt