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Since December 31st the UK is not part of the EU anymore and, out of a customs and trade view, the UK now counts as a third country. That means that you will need to pay custom duties and import sales tax when importing goods from the EU. Import sales tax will be additionally 20%. The prices communicated on our website for UK customers do not include VAT!
In addition, we currently expect the custom duty being 14% on your purchase.
Please keep in mind that you will have additional costs of VAT + CUSTOM DUTY!


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You can register in the PROPAIN FRIENDS app. The app is available in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store for Android devices. The app is completely free of charge.

Later this year, there will be an additional option to sign up via propain-bikes.com/friends as well.

Anyone who wants to become part of the PROPAIN community can become a member. As a test rider, you will have the opportunity to find FRIENDS in your surrounding and request test rides. As a FRIEND you will receive, after successful verification of your registered bike, exclusive access to our FRIENDS area and can exchange collected points for rewards. In neither case do you have to buy anything and there is no registration fee.


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PROPAIN FRIENDS is a network of bikers for bikers, where you can exchange your opinions honestly and directly. Test rider (interested parties) can search for FRIENDS (PROPAIN bike owners) in their area and request viewing appointments on an interactive map. It’s up to you whether you want to see the bike live, have a quick test ride or maybe take it for a spin around the block. In addition, PROPAIN FRIENDS has become an experience-benefits program with which we would like to offer you exclusive offers & experiences.

As a FRIEND, you’ll receive early-insider information, exclusive access to partner offers and invitations to special event. Earn FRIENDS points through test rides and other interactions. You can then redeem the FRIENDS points for rewards in the PROPAIN store.

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Even if you don’t own a PROPAIN bike, you can download our app and register. If you don’t have your own PROPAIN bike yet, then you are a test rider. You can access the latest PROPAIN news in our app, find test ride opportunities in your surrounding via the interactive map in the “FRIENDS” section and contact FRIENDS via chat if you would like to test their bike.

If you buy a PROPAIN bike or already own one, you are a FRIEND. You can create your bike (verify by mandatory details and frame number) and approve it for test rides. When you share your bike for test rides, you have full access to the exclusive FRIENDS area: you collect points per test ride and other interactions, can convert your points into a voucher for rewards and take advantage of exclusive partner offers. As a FRIEND, you will also receive exclusive invitations to events and push notifications on “early news”.

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Turn your bike upside down. You will find your frame number under the bottom bracket.

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You can redeem your points for PROPAIN rewards. You can find a selection of these in the “Rewards” section of the app. You will also see the required points balance for each reward.

Only as a FRIEND you have access to our partner offers. These can be invitations to great experiences/trips, exclusive discounts or combination offers. Some partner offers are graded according to your ranking. As you move up in your ranking, the offers from selected partners will also change.

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You can redeem your points in the “PROPAIN rewards” section of the app when you are a FRIEND & logged in. Here you will see possible PROPAIN rewards and the number of points you need to redeem them. As soon as you select a reward and you have enough points for it, your points will be converted into a voucher code. You can choose between PROPAIN rewards and rewards from our partner Sixpack. You can then redeem the voucher code for the selected reward in the PROPAIN Online Shop or Sixpack Online Shop.

To do this, place the selected reward in your shopping basket and enter your code at the end of the ordering process.

The process is the same for vouchers, except that you have a free choice when shopping.

Please always read the terms and conditions of the voucher in advance, which are displayed in the rewards section.

IMPORTANT: Even if you redeem your points for a reward, your ranking status remains constant.

All PARTNER offers can be redeemed on the respective partner websites in the form of a voucher code which must be entered in the respective online shop or when making a booking.

For partners where you can redeem the offer on site, you must show your app profile again afterwards as verification. For partners who have an online shop and provide you with a discount code, you can only use their offer once within 2 weeks or 30 days. This is to protect against the dispersion of the respective discount codes. IMPORTANT: The partner offers are only for you as a FRIEND and may not be passed on.

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No, your points do not expire. As long as you have the app and you are a FRIENDS member, your points are valid.

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Through direct interactions within the app, your points will be immediately visible in your profile.

You get your points after a test ride once the test rider has given you a rating and vice versa once the FRIEND has given you a rating.

If you purchase a bike from a test rider, you will not be credited until the bike has been shipped and the return period has expired.

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You can view your score in your FRIENDS dashboard in the app.

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No, all redeemed PROPAIN rewards cannot be exchanged.

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Yes, there are so-called “in-app upgrades” in the form of a ranking. If you are a FRIEND and have at least 1 PROPAIN bike of your own registered, verified and approved for test rides, then you can move up in the ranking through accumulated points and ratings (initially through test rides and other interactions). As your ranking increases, you will also reach a higher reward level and your helmet icon at the top of your profile will fill up more and more with colour.

Here you have an overview of the rankings and reward levels:

1st Newbie: 0 – 15 ratings through test rides > reward level blue

2nd Rookie: 16 – 49 ratings by test rides > reward level red

3rd Pro: 50 – XX ratings by test rides > reward level black

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Here is an overview of the ranking levels:

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No, in the app, your collected points can be converted into a voucher, which you can then redeem on the PROPAIN website in the shop or in the Sixpack online shop. There are vouchers for goods that you can redeem individually or for specific rewards that are displayed in the rewards section of the app. In the app menu you will find the item “PROPAIN Website”. Here you can be redirected directly to our web-shop.

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No, in the “REWARDS” section you will find a list of our current partners with exclusive FRIENDS offers. If you would like to take advantage of one of the offers, the app will redirect you to the partner page where you can directly enter your voucher code when ordering or make your enquiry/booking. Your codes will also be sent to you by email.

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Yes. For partners offering an on-site offer or a special experience, you must verify your identity by entering a unique code name and showing your profile in the FRIENDS app.

Partner offers may vary at any time, may have an expiry date and may be limited. Please read the partner offers in the app carefully, as they are always kept up to date.

The codes and offers of the partners are only intended for you as a FRIEND and may not be passed on!

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No, your location is based on the city and postcode you entered in your profile.

This means that only the city or city district is shown.

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If you kept your old FRIENDS account active until 2019, then the email address, you entered back then still exists with the current points balance. Simply register in the app with the email address you used previously, enter a new password, complete your profile and your old points balance will be transferred to your new account. Check your status and contact us via our friends contact form with any questions.

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Please contact us via our friends contact form for support and tell us exactly what happened to the missing points. We may have to check this.

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Please contact us via our friends contact form for assistance.

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Yes, in the “TEST RIDE” section you will find a few tips for the process of a private test ride.

To do so, go to the request or chat of the respective test ride and tap on the three menu items at the top of the screen. Here you will find the “Test ride Guide”. You can also find it in the help section.

If you are already talking to a Testrider/FRIEND about a date for a test ride, you can also download a contract template in the chat, which you can use as security for the test ride. Please remember: This is a private test ride. PROPAIN is not liable in case of damage, misuse or theft. If you still need help, feel free to contact us via our friends contact form.

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If you cancel an order for a reward before it has been dispatched, please contact us via our friends contact form directly. After a successful cancellation, your points will be credited back to your account or you will receive a new voucher for our shop. Please mention the order number you received in your message.

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We advise not to, to prevent theft. Instead, arrange a neutral meeting place, such as a car park, trails around you or a bike park. Of course, this is up to you.

If you get suspicious during a request or the test rider refuses a deposit or the test ride contract, you can cancel the request at any time. If you get a bad feeling during the test ride, don’t hesitate, cancel the test ride and keep your bike with you. In exceptional situations and on suspicion of theft, contact the police immediately.

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FRIEND: You have completed a test ride with a test rider and received a good rating (min. 3 out of 5 stars): 10 points.

Purchase of a PROPAIN bike: After a test ride with you as FRIEND, a test rider bought a bike because you simply convinced him: 10 points.

To do this, the test rider must contact us and let us know the name of the FRIEND and his bike order number. We will check the purchase and credit the points to the FRIEND after the bike has been shipped and the return period has expired.

Test rider: You got a good rating (min. 3 out of 5 stars) after a testride with a FRIEND: 5 points.

You can redeem your collected points as a test rider when you register as a FRIEND with your own PROPAIN bike.

Points are awarded in the same way for a test ride from FRIEND to FRIEND.

The points in an overview:

  1. test ride: 10 points
  2. bike purchase: 10 points
  3. evaluation test rider: 5 points

Further interactions will follow within the further development of the app, with which points can be collected. We keep you posted.

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