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BREXIT - Shipping to UK customers

Since December 31st the UK is not part of the EU anymore and, out of a customs and trade view, the UK now counts as a third country. That means that you will need to pay custom duties and import sales tax when importing goods from the EU. Import sales tax will be additionally 20%. The prices communicated on our website for UK customers do not include VAT!
In addition, we currently expect the custom duty being 14% on your purchase.
Please keep in mind that you will have additional costs of VAT + CUSTOM DUTY!

The decals of our bikes are attached over the paint. We chose this solution because we believe it offers a lot of advantages. The decals are printed on a durable film and thus also serve as protection. If necessary, they can be changed without any problems. For example, the design of an older bike can be adapted to that of the current bike.

In the case of warranty there are no costs for you, not even for shipping, working time or material.

It is not possible to purchase separate components or complete bikes without individual parts such as forks, wheels, etc.

Category: E-bike

The drive unit assists you up to 25 km/h. Due to the strict regulations for E-Bikes it’s not permitted to make changes to the speed of the E-Bike.

Category: E-bike

We recommend to avoid this situation. If you want to continue riding with empty battery you will no longer receive pedal assistance.

DHL is our shipping partner. We no longer have any influence on the delivery as soon as your bike has been shipped. With the help of the tracking number you can select a desired day for your delivery on the DHL website.

For shipping we have to pack the bikes safely. In order not to increase the transport costs unnecessarily, we have chosen a packing size at which we know that your bike will be delivered safely. To get the bike in this packaging we have to deflate the air from the suspension fork and tires and cannot adjust it to the rider’s weight.

Category: Order and Payment

Currently you can not order your bike at our headquarters. We work on it to make that possible in the near future. For sure we can help you out and assist you to customize your dreambike. Just get in touch with us and make an appointment.

Category: E-bike

It’s prohibited to remove the drive unit.

Category: Order and Payment

Reservations are not possible. We produce each bike especially for our customers after receipt of order.

Our configurator already offers so many options that all our possibilities are covered. Unfortunately, for logistical and production reasons, we are not able to realize anything beyond this. But for sure we will check your request – just let us know at the end of your ordering process.

This is possible in principle. However, it may be that some frame sizes are no longer available or have a longer waiting time.

Category: Events

Yes, you can test several bikes. You just need to rent each bike anew and fill out a new rental agreement.

You can test our bikes with us in Vogt. We have all models in all sizes on site. Please make an appointment with us by email to [email protected] or by phone, so that we can guarantee that the desired bike is ready for you. Due to the current pandemic situation we have to ask you to make an appointment with us in advance. This is the only way to ensure that you get a test bike and that we can comply with the safety measures.

At the end of your ordering process you can add a different delivery address in addition to the billing address. If you need to change the delivery address after your order please get in touch with us by mail or phone.

Category: E-bike

In general every bike can be damaged due to heavy weather conditions. The maintenance of your bike is essential to prevent damages. The “SHIMANO STEPS”-System is waterproof when used under normal weather conditions including heavy rain. Please don’t use a pressure washer to clean your bike.

We can only send small spare parts to DHL packing stations, not complete bikes. This applies if you live in Germany. For foreign shipping addresses, please contact your local DHL partner.

Category: E-bike

With your delivery of the Ekano you will reveive an adapter that you can use to recharge the battery outside the bike.

Category: Events

You can bring your own pedals, but we have flatpedals on our bike as well. Clickpedals are available on request.

PROPAIN sells 100% directly to end customers, so there are no actual dealers for PROPAIN. Most dealers, however, will be happy to take care of your bike in their workshop and are often also in touch with our team. Please find more information here.

In principle, you can carry out maintenance work yourself or have it carried out by a specialist workshop. Maintenance of fork and shock absorber elements should be left to the respective manufacturer.

Category: Events

The rent is free of charge.

If you can remove the component yourself, you can also send us the defective part individually. In the service area under support you will find a contact form for all complaints.

Yes, an appointment must be made for pick-up. As soon as your bike is ready you will receive an email from us, after that you can make an appointment by phone with us.
Tuesday to Friday from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

We approve our bikes up to a maximum rider weight of 120 kg. Our Ekano has a maximum system weight or permissible total mass (rider + bike + equipment + luggage) of 130 kg.

The dimensions are approx. 150 x 30 x 80 cm.

Everyone who owns a Propain bike can register as a Propain Friend in the Friends area on the homepage or when ordering a bike. Interested parties from your area can then contact you via the interactive map and arrange a viewing appointment. Of course, our friends also benefit from this program. We always offer special promotions and offers exclusively for our friends.

On each bike page you will find a table, which will help you choose your size. Select your required frame size from the table. If you stand between two sizes, you only have to decide whether you like it playful or more stable. For smooth running you choose the larger frame size, for playful the smaller one.

You can easily order your bike in our online configurator. Here you can select all our custom options directly.

You can find all information on our available payment options here.

Category: E-bike

Please make sure you handle the battery according the specifications in the Shimano manual to achieve the longest durability.

Your bike goes through several stations in our production. You will be kept up to date in real time by mail. Your bike is picked, comes into production via frame assembly, goes through quality control and is ready for pick-up or dispatch. The shipment data will be transmitted to you automatically by mail.

Category: Order and Payment

There is a special arrangement for orders from Switzerland. If you choose shipping, the VAT will be deducted immediately and you only have to pay the net amount. Swiss taxes are then due on delivery. If you want to pick-up your bike personally, the amount plus German VAT is due. After that the bike can be exported with the export receipt to Switzerland and you will get the German VAT back. You must send us the original export document after the successful import into Switzerland. We recommend that you send it by registered mail to ensure that this document is delivered safely.

Category: Events

You can test the bike around 60 to 90 minutes.

The quality of our products is our top priority. Throughout the development process each frame is tested extensively to guarantee it will outlast you and won´t let you down in any situation. From the start of the production to the actual shipment to our customers, every bike has to pass three quality checks. This ensures you get the bike you deserve, designed for the best performance, built to last.

We are convinced of the high quality of our products. For this reason, we voluntarily grant an additional warranty of 3 years (aluminum) or 5 years (carbon) on our frames from the date of delivery. The warranty covers all Propain frames from model year 2016 and excludes damage due to crashes and damage to storage, paintwork and anodizing.

The legal warranty period of 2 years applies to the painting of frames, with the exception of damage caused by mechanical forces or chemical cleaning agents.

Usually the production of the bike takes about 25 working days depending on the choice of frame colour and equipment options. Depending on the season, different models and sizes may only be available in small quantities or will only be available again in the next delivery. You will receive your non-binding production date from us after we have received your payment. If you have chosen shipping, you usually have to add about 5 to 7 days for orders within Germany.

Category: E-bike

Due to the many possible purposes of use it’s difficult to name a number. The terrain, weather conditions and driver weight have an impact on the distance you can reach with the Ekano. As far as our experience goes the E-Bike can reach a distance between approx. 40 to 80 kilometers.

You have a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on all suspension elements except wear parts such as lubricants, bushings, seals and bearings.

Category: Events

You must be at least 18 years old. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is liable for them.

You can find more information about our shipping countries on our website – section “Shipping and Delivery”.

Category: Events

On the individual info pages of the Demo Days stops you will find details shortly before the event. Either an online reservation is necessary or the “first come, first serve” principle will apply.

Category: E-bike

Your new E-Bike is still in the so called “sleep mode” on delivery. You have to charge the battery before you can use it. The charging itselfs takes about approx. 4 to 7 hours.

Based on the promises of our suppliers, we try to plan the production date as precisely as possible. However, this date is not binding. Sometimes it comes to individual delays by the large variety of the offered components. If this happens, we will contact you and keep you informed. So plan a little buffer for your next bike holiday.

Yes, the rear shock is well protected from dirt by the Carbon Mudfender (Tyee, Spindrift, Rage). There is no greater soiling or maintenance intensity for the damper here than with other frame shapes.

We recommend around 25-30% SAG. The best setting for you depends on your driving style and the trails you are on. In this case you have to just try some things out.

One possibility is our program Propain Friends, where you can meet with Propain riders in your area personally.
Here you can find our Propain Friends: https://www.propain-bikes.com/en/Friends

Another possibility is our manufacturers area in the IBC forum. Many experiences have already been published here and questions have been asked. You can also formulate your questions there and get an independent answer to them. Propain’s own support also helps with questions about Propain. Here you can find the forum: http://www.mtb-news.de/forum/f/propain-bicycles.249

Category: Events

COVID19-compliant booth concept
FFP2 masks required at our booth
Keep distance
Avoid group formation
Regular sanitising of all surfaces
Contact-free bike hand-out
Further country-specific actions

We are aware of our responsibility. The safety of you as well as that of our employees is something we take very seriously and as our top priority.

Category: Events

You need to bring a proof of identity (ID card/driver license) with you. Additionally you need to fill and sign a rental agreement.

We do not revise our complete product range every season.
Nevertheless, we are always up-to-date with components. Usually we use the newest parts as soon as they are available for us. This often happens in the middle of the season. Therefore, we are often asked what we what model year the installed parts are.

“Aluminum Raw” means, the frame is completely in raw aluminum, as it comes from welding. The frame is treated ex works so that it does not tarnish immediately, but it is recommended to preserve the frame with wax from time to time. We deliberately opted for “real raw”, as firstly the color of the aluminium comes into its own and secondly the weight saving of approx. 90-130g should interest one or the other.

From our 2020 models on we are using an additional layer of clear lacquer on our “Aluminum Raw”. The color of the aluminum is not distorted by this, but the frame is additionally coated and protected.

“Carbon Raw” frames are also untreated, but painted over with a matt clear lacquer to protect them from external environmental influences. Under the clear lacquer you can see the carbon structure of this frame.

Carbon raw is a real beauty! The frames are getting a special treatment before we paint them so the carbon surface, which is shining through the paint, is showing its best side. Besides the clear paint there is also a light dark coating applied. This results in a light dark shine of carbon material, especially in sunlight. Each model is different so every method and also materials will differ. That also means every single frame is a unique.

All bike are first completely assembled and then partially dismantled for dispatch. You have to screw on the handlebars, mount the saddle and, if ordered, mount the pedals. Install the front wheel and let’s go. If you pick-up your bike directly from us, it is completely assembled.

If you are not at the delivery address at the time of delivery, you will find a notification in your mailbox. The goods must then be collected from the post office within the next 3 working days. Please take your identity card with you. Another person with a power of attorney can also pick up the package for you. DHL also hands over parcels to relatives of the recipient who are in the apartment and to neighbours against confirmation of receipt. This applies if you live in Germany. For foreign shipping addresses, please contact your local DHL partner.

In general, the 14-day right of revocation applies. Provided that the bike has not yet been ridden. We cannot take back bikes that have been driven on the road, off-road or in the underground car park. A test sitting in the apartment on the carpet is of course no problem.

Crashes are a part of our sport that nobody likes, but it just happens. Mostly the rider and the bike get away without any damage, but sometimes everything just goes wrong. During such crashes, great forces can be exerted on the whole bike, destroying parts or the whole bike, making it unrideable. The normal warranty does not cover damage caused by a crash. That’s why we introduced our crash replacement. It is limited to the first 3 years (aluminium frame) or 5 years (carbon frame) after the purchase of the bike and allows the first owner to purchase a new bike at low cost.

Propain Friends is a network of customers for customers, where you can exchange your opinions honestly and directly. Interested parties can search for friends near you in the Friends area of the homepage and request viewing appointments on an interactive map. Whether it is to see the bike live, to sit a short rehearsal or perhaps a small round around the block is up to you.

Category: E-bike

Make sure you send your battery for our ekano in the package in which you received it from us. If the box is no longer available you can get appropiate stickers and boxes at your local post office.

Category: Order and Payment

Immediately after your order you will receive an automatic order confirmation with payment request and our bank details.

Category: E-bike

You can find the latest firmware updates on the Shimano website:

You can test our bikes in our headquarter in Vogt, in various test centers, at events and with our friends program. Please find more information about testing one of our bikes on our website in category “Testride“. Due to the current pandemic situation we have to ask you to make an appointment with us in advance. This is the only way to ensure that you get a test bike and that we can comply with the safety measures. You can arrange this appointment comfortably by email to [email protected] or by phone under +49751-201-802-22.

Category: Events

Usually we have our complete product portfolio with us at the test events.

Propain builds bikes with passion and conviction… from bikers for bikers. Therefore we chose the direct way to the customer, without detours over the trade, in order to arrange the communication for you and us as uncomplicated as possible. This is exactly what distinguishes us, because it enables us to pass on the best possible prices directly to our customers.

We ship with DHL. Every bike is shipped insured.

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