Lease your dream bike and save up to 40%

Customize your dream bike now and lease it with just a few clicks through your company. Bikeleasing is free of charge for your company and you can save up to 40% compared to a direct purchase thanks to the salary conversion. No matter if you are riding in private or use it for business purpose, your bike is fully covered.

How it works for employees

You save a significant amount of money compared to a direct purchase and have the freedom to choose from all PROPAIN bike models. Bikeleasing is only available to customers residing in Germany.

  • Tax advantage through salary conversion
  • 100 % private use possible
  • Comprehensive insurance package

4 steps to your dream bike

1. Register
Register on the Bikeleasing platform.

2. Customize your dream bike*
You can choose from all PROPAIN bike models.

3. Confirm the contract
Log in to the Bikeleasing platform and accept the offer.

4. Receive your dream bike
Your bike is on its way to you or is ready for pick-up.

*A lock to protect against theft must be leased with the selected bike. The lock will be added automatically in the checkout with an additional charge for the lock.

Calculate leasing for your PROPAIN bike now

With the Bikeleasing calculator you can figure out your monthly leasing rate as well as your savings compared to a direct purchase – try it out now!

Any questions?

In our FAQ section you will find more information and frequently asked questions about Bikeleasing.