pain is temporary – glory last forever

Propain – this is what we stand for

A question we are repeatedly asked: “Why does the brand bear the name Propain? Pain is not necessarily a positive thing…”“

„Pain is temporary, glory lasts forever“ – – this saying perfectly explains our attitude towards mountain biking. No matter, whether you fight your way up a steep climb to the peak at the end of an epic ride or you take on your favorite downhill track for just one more time and eventually make it through that scary rock-garden, although you crashed hard here a few times before.

It´s this uplifting feeling and the relieved sigh after achieving an important success, we live for at Propain. A team of bike enthusiasts who loves burning themselves out to experience unique adventures riding their bikes. A life-long passion, we share with Propain riders that are curious testing their personal limits and in doing so, need bikes that are reliable and can handle any adventure.

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