The all new Spindrift

For us, a modern freeride bike must offer more than just the best downhill performance. Our new Spindrift is more versatile and multi-faceted than ever before. For 10 years we have used the experience we have gained, together with new ideas, to continuously develop the bike further. With the latest geometry and kinematics, the Spindrift optimally combines diverse riding characteristics and is an absolute fun machine. A bike that links all elements.

No matter if you want to ride 27,5″, Mix or 29″, prefer a carbon or aluminium frame, air shock or coil: With our new Spindrift you decide what is the best setup for you. Whether if it is heavy bike park action or a quick home trail lap, massive jump lines or wet root stages, fast berms or steep drops, your Spindrift will give you the performance you need in any terrain.

With the new Spindrift we have developed a freeride bike that has convinced us from the very first ride. The Spindrift is our interpretation of a modern freeride bike.

Beyond The Elements

Down to earth

Whether sand, roots or stones; wet or dust-dry, the new Spindrift copes with every surface. And that does not only apply downhill. Uphill the bike stays on the ground and climbs up every trail with you.

Flow like water

Smooth as a flowing mountain stream. Brute like a roaring river. With the Spindrift you send every line and stay always agile. In rough and steep terrain, you will rush over every obstacle with smoothness.

Lit like fire

A bike that gets you up to speed and takes your breath away. You always find your line and take what you can, both downhill and uphill. With the new Spindrift you are unstoppable.

Up in the air

Flying is your element? Go for it, the Spindrift takes you up in the air. No matter what maneuver you pull, the Spindrift gives you a feeling of lightness. Airtime guaranteed.

Spindrift CF

Our Blend Carbon frame not only looks stunningly good, its inner values are also convincing. Made of various carbon fibers with different properties, we create the best blend of stiffness, flexibility and weight. For the best performance in bike parks and on your home trails.

Spindrift AL

Made of at least three different alloys, our Blend Alloy frame proves best strength and stiffness while reducing weight. Our unique manufacturing process offers you the best performance for any adventure. So off you go on the trails!

“Riding the new Spindrift was like a ‘see I told you’ moment. I first rode it down the hill and it felt like my DH bike, then thought no way that bike could pedal up well if it descends that good, then felt like I was pedalling my trail bike up. I was actually blown away!”


George Brannigan

PROPAIN Factory Racing

“Literally pedals up like a cross country bike and bloooows your mind on the trail down. I couldn’t believe how hard I could send it and still feel perfectly comfortable!”


Clemens Kaudela

PROPAIN Freeride Athlete