PROPAIN Friends Event Recap

It was finally time again: The PROPAIN Friends event could take place after a long Corona-related break! From September 30th to October 3rd, more than 80 PROPAIN Friends gathered in the beautiful Vinschgau Valley in South Tyrol and enjoyed an unforgettable end-of-season together with the PROPAIN crew. In this photo story we want to tell you what happened at this unique event.

After the arrival, the event started on Friday evening. On a fairground in Schlanders, all FRIENDS of PROPAIN were solemnly welcomed and the plan for the next days was discussed. One thing stood always on top of the list: to have a lot of fun together on the bike!

Everyone received an exclusive goodie bag with a precious PROPAIN drinking bottle and a PROPAIN snack box. Especially the little FRIENDS were very happy.

Every evening, the participants could choose their desired bike from our test fleet for the next day and could choose one of four different guiding groups.

For optimum fun on the trails, the suspension must fit perfectly. This was guaranteed by the entire PROPAIN team, whether employee or athlete, everyone helped with the setup. 

On Saturday the group “Rage” had to get up early because they went high on the mountain. After the first meters of altitude could be comfortably covered by a shuttle, another 900 m of elevation awaited, which each FRIEND had to master under his own power – pedaling, pushing, and also carrying the bike.

After a small refreshment, the other groups went then with shuttles and lift support to the trails.

Tips from the pros themselves – Our guides and athletes showed lines on the trails and gave riding technique tips so that even the most difficult stages could be mastered together.

Not a moment of rest – well-fed, we went straight to the FIDLOCK Bunny Hop Contest. Those who couldn’t or didn’t want to go, cheered the boys and girls on.

Rested, we went out on the trails again on Sunday morning. Our friends from Freeride Vinschgau gave us the best possible service and provided well-organized shuttles to the trails.

Morning Stretching with a unique view – the warm-up must not be forgotten, of course. Now everybody was fully awake.

When they weren’t making sure the FRIENDS were sufficiently hydrated, our FIDLOCK partners Holger and Felix were also collecting some trail miles.

After so many impressions and experiences, everyone ended the evening chilled around the campfire.

Monday Mood – the boss himself at the espresso machine. No one can fool him that quickly here, wake-up call guaranteed.

In the end, there was a lot of trail fun again. Special highlight: Our two photographers took action shots of every single FRIEND.

We would like to thank you for the unforgettable time and the many great moments. We were happy to receive a lot of positive feedback from you and can hardly wait for the FRIENDS event in 2023!

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Photos by Lichtbildstelle