As a FRIEND, can I meet the test rider at my home?

We advise not to, to prevent theft. Instead, arrange a neutral meeting place, such as a car park, trails around you or a bike park. Of course, this is up to you. If you get suspicious during a request or the test rider refuses a deposit or the test ride contract, you can cancel the […]

Do I have to pay attention to the partner offers?

Yes. For partners offering an on-site offer or a special experience, you must verify your identity by entering a unique code name and showing your profile in the FRIENDS app. Partner offers may vary at any time, may have an expiry date and may be limited. Please read the partner offers in the app carefully, […]

Can I buy bike components and spare parts in the app?

No, in the app, your collected points can be converted into a voucher, which you can then redeem on the PROPAIN website in the shop or in the Sixpack online shop. There are vouchers for goods that you can redeem individually or for specific rewards that are displayed in the rewards section of the app. […]

Are there any in-app upgrades or purchases in the app?

Yes, there are so-called “in-app upgrades” in the form of a ranking. If you are a FRIEND and have at least 1 PROPAIN bike of your own registered, verified and approved for test rides, then you can move up in the ranking through accumulated points and ratings (initially through test rides and other interactions). As […]