Update on the current situation

Dear PROPAIN customers, mountain bikers, e-mountain bikers and bike friends!

It is time for an update regarding our delivery situation.

We have never had a situation like this at PROPAIN and neither expected nor guessed.

Unfortunately, nothing has changed in the delivery situation since our last statement. The Ukraine conflict is further impacting production capacity by causing shortages of key raw materials. In addition, the ongoing lockdown in China is having a major impact on freight traffic, which has virtually collapsed.

Delivery dates already firmly promised by manufacturers of all kinds are still being postponed, canceled, or simply not met. We are often informed only one day before shipment. This is exactly what makes the situation escalate and makes our life really hard.

We do not build bikes off the shelf. So, it is not enough for us to coordinate and stock 100 forks from a single model, one type of brake or one shift group. No, we need to source various combinations so that we can offer your individual configurations.

PROPAIN has not been professional and proactive in communicating with its customers in recent weeks. For this I want to apologize personally. This is not our way and not our claim. It is not easy to manage this constantly changing complex situation.
Every day the bad news from our suppliers catches up with us, and we have not been able to keep you updated on your orders as fast as we would expect.

In addition, we are tapping into all sorts of other sources to procure materials. We are working hard to find individual solutions for you and to improve communication. Our customer service team will continue to be upgraded and there will be a solution for everyone.

My team and I will do everything we can to keep you informed in the most transparent way possible. We want to get back to our performance that convinced so many of you to buy a bike from us.

Thank you for your trust and patience so far. We will do our best to deliver your bike as soon as possible.

David Assfalg

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