E-Bike Journey in the swiss alps

Three wishes all at once?

“Sure, Grisons – endless trails with access to mountain railways, in a narrow area.”

“Nah, it must be nature experience, loneliness and outdoor adventure!”

“Well, everything sounds good, but please no 1500 m uphill again…”

So miscellaneous started the planning for our mutual bike-weekend. The three of us are a wild bunch consisting of a colorful dog, a red kitty and a gray mountain weasel – all closely connected to PROPAIN, whether as team-riders, racers, veterans, testers, event faces or employees.

The solution to our three expectations was the new Ekano with its powerful EP8 motor. The Japanese name itself describes a versatile and adventurous character. Thanks to the new powerful motor you can master technical uphills even better. With the E-Tube Project app, it’s power can be precisely adjusted to suit any individual riding style. It can easiliy be configured to either ride a long tour by saving battery power or to have fun on technical uphills fun with an extra bang. A capable enduro bike with a powerful and customizable motor also guarantees fun for three different types of riding: fast as a weasel on the downhills, tough in rough terrain and energy saving for the thighs on the uphills.

A few weeks later, the bags are finally packed with a variety of items including a mattress and sleeping bag as well as the most necessary clothing and equipment for a mountain adventure and enduro experience on the e-bike which lasts several days.

Off to Grisons, which successfully encourages on bikers with respect and consideration for each other, instead of bans.

The plan to satisfy all the desires of our wildly mixed bunch is taking shape. We start with an uphill away of the lift stations in search of an outdoor adventure and some loneliness.

Several steep uphills challenge us and despite the motor support we are exhausted, each in our own way. It’s because we often repeated tricky uphill sections, because it is simply fun to ride them with an e-bike. The feeling of “uphill flow” is just too good. However, after the small individual success it’s time to chase the others again. The dreamlike mountain lake, which is hidden behind a mountain ridge and in which the sky and the passing clouds are reflected, is the perfect place for a break. Since we haven’t booked a cabin and there are only a few unmanaged alps near by, we use the break to figure out where to sleep. Every adventure needs a little bit of uncertainty.

In the end, the solution was simple: one of the local alpinists, HARRY, appreciates guests, as he spends most of the grazing months up here alone. So we are allowed to use the cowshed as a night camp and spend the night in straw. In the evening, HARRY told us stories about the life of an alpine farmer and we talked about one or two other bike adventures. The fire in the wood stove and a sip of „Zirbengeist“ let us forget the daily routine. This way we can not only recharge our batteries in a relaxed way, but also the batteries of our bikes.

The fact that the alpine descent the following morning meets 100% approval is not surprising, because the Ekano is a full blood Enduro with motor. The trail demands but not too much, the bike is well-balanced and lies full on the nature trail, which winds back towards the valley. The scenery is alpine idyllic- almost kitschy in the summer morning light. We destroy the last reserves of the 504 Wh powerful battery near the valley, where we expand our trail kilometer collection with short climbs here and there. With our Ekano, not only the motor, but also the whole bike can be assembled according to your wishes in the usual PROPAIN manner. So in our wildly mixed group everyone has his dream bike under his butt, with which he can satisfy his play instinct. And whoever says again that riding an e-bike is not demanding is lying, because at the end of the day you realize that you have done something.

Back in the valley we spend the night in the hotel, recharge our storage tanks with Bündner specialties and also the e-bike batteries are recharged to 100% for the next day.

We were asked by the inhabitants of the Alps not to publish the exact routes.

Duration: 2 Days                                       Travelled kilometers: 35 km                                 Altitude meter: 1600 hm uphill and 1600 hm downhills

After a relaxed night in a feather bed, we went to the Rothorn in Lenzerheide in the next morning. There we rode the world cup downhill tracks in the bike park and also some great enduro tracks with a beautiful view, a lot of depth meters and different variations.

We take the lift up to the Rothorn and the few extra kilos of our bikes result in a rich, well-balanced suspension, which makes the trails really smooth. To ride the same e-bike on the downhill course and on an extended enduro rides is rather “untypical”. But with the Ekano it’s daily business, because the bike is perfectly designed for this split. For this fun, you’ll will put up with some odd looks in the lift with ease.

Everyone had enough opportunities to enjoy themselves on the downhills and our bike weekend ended after a few more depth metres than the day before. All of us were happy and satisfied after the three days because we found what we were looking for, thanks to the Ekano.

Duration: 1 Day                            Travelled kilometers: 28 km                                 Altitude meter: 450 hm uphill and 2800 hm downhill      


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