Los Hackos - Going up the country

The dudes from Los Hackos crew actually wanted to make a big road trip through Southern Europe last summer. But then, something called “corona” crossed the plans. Due to traveling regulations, they ended up in Freiburg, one of the mountain bike hot spots in Southwest Germany. The whole crew has never been there, so they enjoyed exploring the awesome trails of Freiburg. The result is a nice little “autumn edit”.

„Well, the plans were different. Actually, we wanted to go on a freeride road trip to south-Europe with our brand new Tyees. The various spots had been chosen, the bikes and the vans were in the starting blocks . The stoke was real! But then this little virus called Corona crossed our plans. What a bummer... After a lot of back and forth, we had to accept that wasn't really more possible than a trip to Freiburg in south west germany . So the new plan was: Set sights low and see what there is to discover right in front of the door. So we didn't hesitate and off we went to the wild west of our good old Germany. Coparted to a big road trip the expectations for the Black Forest were rather "mixed". But we were amazed when we rolled down the first metres of the local trails. Fast curves, beautiful jumps and creative routing. Props to the trail builders! The motivation was back and we couldn't wait to see more. We hadn't been this exhausted but happy at the same time for quite a while. The restrictions of the last few months had made it clear to us once again, how much we appreciate the little things about our beloved sport: Fresh air, the woods, friends, joking around and a cold beer + kebab in the evening. That's all we've need to be happy, nor a 3000 km trip through Europe.”

Dave Erstling / LH member

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