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incl. Headset Acros AZX-209 ZS49/ZS56, Seatclamp SIXPACK Skywalker 34,9 mm black, SIXPACK 148 mm x 12 mm thru-axle and a fitting rear derailleur hanger

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Beyond The Elements

Our Freeride Bike – a bike that unites all elements. No matter if it is steep root sections, high drops, flowy jump-lines, or the relaxing after-work session. Whether bike park or home trail – just FULL SEND!

The Spindrift 4 CF is our interpretation of a modern Freeride Bike.

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Down to earth

Whether sand, roots or stones, wet or dust-dry, the Spindrift 4 CF copes with every surface. And that does not only apply downhill. Uphill the bike stays on the ground and climbs up every trail with you.

Flow like water

Smooth as a flowing mountain stream. Brute like a roaring river. With the Spindrift 4 CF you send every line and stay always agile. In rough and steep terrain, you will rush over every obstacle with smoothness.

Lit like fire

A bike that gets you up to speed and takes your breath away. You always find your line and take what you can, both downhill and uphill. With the Spindrift 4 CF you are unstoppable.

Up in the air

Flying is your element? Go for it, the Spindrift 4 CF takes you up in the air. No matter what maneuver you pull, the Spindrift 4 CF gives you a feeling of lightness. Airtime guaranteed.

Smart Details

Good looks are not everything. Our Spindrift 4 CF also impresses with its inner values and smart details. With quick-change chain guard, durable bearings and internal cable routing, you’ll get more time on the bike than in your garage.

New chainstay protection

High drops and hard landings can get your chain swinging pretty hard. Our newly designed chainstay protector absorbs them, eliminates noise and protects the chainstay from damage.

Clean & Modern

Thanks to the versatility of our Blend Carbon our Spindrift 4 CF also convinces with its elegant design. Many visible edges and flowing shapes paired with a futuristic logo guarantee envious looks on and off the trails.

Internal Cable Routing

Internal cable routing became a standard for modern bikes. We are taking this to a new level by equipping the carbon frames with internal cable channels in which the cables run. This makes the fitting super easy and any cable noise in the frame is eliminated.


Intense bikepark action or local hometrail session. Massive jumpline or wet root passage, quick curves or steep drops. Your Spindrift 4 CF offers the performance you need in any terrain.

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The frame size is an essential part of the bike performance and contributes significantly to the riding fun. Select your required frame size from the chart. If you are between two sizes, then you only have to decide whether you like it playful or smooth running. For smooth running choose the larger frame size, for playful the smaller one.

S: 158-172 cm / M: 168-182 cm / L: 178-192 cm / XL: 188-202 cm *S only in 27.5″ / XL only in Mix and 29″
150 cm 4’11” 160 cm 5’3″ 170 cm 5’7″ 180 cm 5’11” 190 cm 6’3″ 200 cm 6’7″
Smoothly running

The adjustable seatpost is probably one of the most ingenious inventions of recent years. In order to function optimally on the trail, the proper seatpost travel is very important. The following chart shows the recommended minimum inseam for the corresponding frame size. Please keep in mind that this is only a recommendation, as the respective sitting position depends very much on personal habits and preferences.
* Inside leg length in cm
Bikeyoke Divine 125 73.5 75.5 77.5 79.5
Bikeyoke Divine 160 77.0 79.0 81.0 83.0
Bikeyoke Divine 185 83.5 83.5 83.5 85.5
Bikeyoke Revive 125 73.5 75.5 77.5 79.5
Bikeyoke Revive 160 77.0 79.0 81.0 83.0
Bikeyoke Revive 185 83.5 83.5 83.5 85.5
Fox Transfer 125 75.5 77.5 79.5 81.5
Fox Transfer 150 78.0 80.0 82.0 84.0
Fox Transfer 175 84.5 84.5 84.5 86.5
RockShox Reverb AXS 125 73.5 75.5 77.5 79.5
RockShox Reverb AXS 150 76 78 80 82
Shock length 230 mm
Shock travel 65 mm
Shock bushings Top: 8 x 20 mm / Bottom: 8 x 30 mm
Travel (Frame) 180 mm
Max. Travel (Fork) 190 mm
Bottom bracket BSA 73 mm
Brake mount (Frame) Postmount 180
Seatpost diameter 31.6 mm
Seatclamp diameter 36.4 mm
max. Seatpost insert length 29″ & Mix: M 215 mm / L 220 mm / XL 250 mm 27.5″: S 200 mm / M 220 mm / L 230 mm
Headset (S.H.I.S.) Top: ZS49 / Bottom: ZS56
Rear wheel axle 148 mm x 12 mm
Chainline Offset 3 mm Offset
Chainline 52 mm (Boost)
Chainguide mount ISCG 05
Derailleur hanger SRAM UDH
Wheel sizes 29″ / Mix / 27.5″
Frame weight 3 kg (Size L, 29″)
Max. rider weight 120 kg

Our well known PRO10 system has once again been further developed and improved for the Spindrift. The shock moved in front of the seat tube and is now ideally integrated in the main frame. So, the Spindrift is even more agile and more balanced. The combination of a slack headtube angle of 64.5° and a steep, effective seat angle of 78° ensures that you can climb the steepest climbs on a Freeride Bike without getting out of breath. 


Size M Size L Size XL
Frame height (A) 440 mm 460 mm 480 mm
Fork offset (B) 44 mm 44 mm 44 mm
Fork length (C) 598 mm 598 mm 598 mm
Head tube length (D) 95 mm 110 mm 125 mm
Reach (E) 450 mm 475 mm 500 mm
Stack (F) 633 mm 646 mm 660 mm
Head angle (G) 64.5° 64.5° 64.5°
Seat angle – effective (H) 78° 78° 78°
Seat angle – real (I) 73.5° 73.5° 73.5°
Top tube length (J) 584 mm 612 mm 640 mm
BB offset (K) 23 mm 23 mm 23 mm
Chainstay length (L) 445 mm 445 mm 445 mm
Wheelbase (M) 1,234 mm 1,265 mm 1,297 mm
BB height 352 mm 352 mm 352 mm

Mix (Flat Out)

Size M Size L Size XL
Frame height (A) 440 mm 460 mm 480 mm
Fork offset (B) 44 mm 44 mm 44 mm
Fork length (C) 598 mm 598 mm 598 mm
Head tube length (D) 95 mm 110 mm 125 mm
Reach (E) 441 mm 466 mm 491 mm
Stack (F) 640 mm 653 mm 667 mm
Head angle (G) 63.7° 63.7° 63.7°
Seat angle – effective (H) 77.2° 77.2° 77.2°
Seat angle – real (I) 72.7° 72.7° 72.7°
Top tube length (J) 586 mm 614 mm 642 mm
BB offset (K) R11 / F29 mm R11 / F29 mm R11 / F29 mm
Chainstay length (L) 445 mm 445 mm 445 mm
Wheelbase (M) 1,243 mm 1,274 mm 1,306 mm
BB height 345 mm 345 mm 345 mm


Size S Size M Size L
Frame height (A) 420 mm 440 mm 460 mm
Fork offset (B) 38 mm 38 mm 38 mm
Fork length (C) 577 mm 577 mm 577 mm
Steuerrohrlänge (D) 100 mm 110 mm 120 mm
Reach (E) 425 mm 450 mm 475 mm
Stack (F) 608 mm 617 mm 626 mm
Head angle (G) 64.5° 64.5° 64.5°
Seat angle – effective (H) 78° 78° 78°
Seat angle – real (I) 73.5° 73.5° 73.5°
Top tube length (J) 554 mm 581 mm 608 mm
BB offset (K) 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm
Chainstay length (L) 435 mm 435 mm 435 mm
Wheelbase (M) 1,187 mm 1,216 mm 1,246 mm
BB height 345 mm 345 mm 345 mm

Does the Spindrift have a clearance for DH forks?

Yes, the Spindrift is approved for 200mm DH forks.
Please note the installation height of the suspension fork. You can find this information in the geometry table.
Which bottle size fits in the frame?

Attaching drinking bottles up to 0.5 l is no problem. With larger frame sizes, 0.7 l bottles can also be stowed.

Can the wheel size be changed afterwards?
No, because our frames are specially developed and adapted for the respective wheel size.

What is the maximum tire width that fits the frame?
A general statement is not possible here due to the tolerances of the tire manufacturers’ width specifications.

E.g. fit Schwalbe tires up to 2.4, VEE up to 2.35 and Maxxis up to 2.5WT.

How much does the Spindrift weigh in my build?
Due to the large selection of components and frame sizes, we cannot make a statement for all combinations. However, we have given weights for our build kits, which you can see in the table above. In the configurator you will also find weight information for each component.

Do you also offer other components that are not listed in the configurator?
No, we only offer the components and color variants that we show in the configurator.

What does the delivery include?
The bike comes with three stem spacers, uncut handlebars and all the instructions you need.

What does my frame look like in the colour Raw?
Carbon raw is a real beauty! The frames are getting a special treatment before we paint them so the carbon surface, which is shining through the paint, is showing its best side. Besides the clear paint there is also a light dark coating applied. This results in a light dark shine of carbon material, especially in sunlight. Each model is different so every method and also materials will differ. That also means every single frame is a unique.

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Spindrift 4

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Blend Carbon

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