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BREXIT - Shipping to UK customers

Since December 31st the UK is not part of the EU anymore and, out of a customs and trade view, the UK now counts as a third country. That means that you will need to pay custom duties and import sales tax when importing goods from the EU. Import sales tax will be additionally 20%. The prices communicated on our website for UK customers do not include VAT!
In addition, we currently expect the custom duty being 14% on your purchase.
Please keep in mind that you will have additional costs of VAT + CUSTOM DUTY!

In the case of warranty there are no costs for you, not even for shipping, working time or material.

If you can remove the component yourself, you can also send us the defective part individually. In the service area under support you will find a contact form for all complaints.

The quality of our products is our top priority. Throughout the development process each frame is tested extensively to guarantee it will outlast you and won´t let you down in any situation. From the start of the production to the actual shipment to our customers, every bike has to pass three quality checks. This ensures you get the bike you deserve, designed for the best performance, built to last.

We are convinced of the high quality of our products. For this reason, we voluntarily grant an additional warranty of 3 years (aluminum) or 5 years (carbon) on our frames from the date of delivery. The warranty covers all Propain frames from model year 2016 and excludes damage due to crashes and damage to storage, paintwork and anodizing.

The legal warranty period of 2 years applies to the painting of frames, with the exception of damage caused by mechanical forces or chemical cleaning agents.

You have a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on all suspension elements except wear parts such as lubricants, bushings, seals and bearings.

Crashes are a part of our sport that nobody likes, but it just happens. Mostly the rider and the bike get away without any damage, but sometimes everything just goes wrong. During such crashes, great forces can be exerted on the whole bike, destroying parts or the whole bike, making it unrideable. The normal warranty does not cover damage caused by a crash. That’s why we introduced our crash replacement. It is limited to the first 3 years (aluminium frame) or 5 years (carbon frame) after the purchase of the bike and allows the first owner to purchase a new bike at low cost.

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