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Throughout the development process each frame is tested extensively to guarantee it will outlast you and won´t let you down in any situation. From the start of the production to the actual shipment to our customers, every bike has to pass three quality checks. This ensures you get the bike you deserve, designed for the best performance, built to last.

However, mountain biking can be a great strain on people and equipment. Therefore, damage or falls cannot be ruled out. But if something is wrong with your bike, we won’t let you down. Just write us via one of the following contact forms and we will help you quickly and easily.

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We are convinced of the high quality of our products! For this reason, we voluntarily grant an additional warranty of 3 years (aluminum) or 5 years (carbon) on our frames from the date of sale. The warranty covers all Propain frames from model year 2016 and excludes damage due to crashes and damage to storage, paintwork and anodizing. Our Propain Crash Replacement (PCR) takes effect where a normal warranty ends: In case of damage due to crashes. During such crashes large forces can act on the bike, destroy the parts or the whole bike and make it unridable. That is why we have introduced our PCR program. It allows the first owner to purchase a new bike at low cost


For some, carbon is still a material that raises concerns. Not rightly so, because for us carbon is above all a material that offers many advantages. Our BLEND Carbon is characterized by best properties:
  • Enormous rigidity with unrivalled weight
  • Organic-looking frame shape and stress optimized construction
  • Less material fatigue
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • 5 Years Crash Replacement
… so you are always on the safe side when you decide on a carbon frame from Propain! In case of a crash, we offer crash replacement on the complete frame, front triangle or rear triangle.


We use high-quality alloys for our aluminum frames, which are convincing in terms of durability and stability. So you are definitely making the right choice with an aluminium frame from Propain:

  • Very good ratio of stiffness, weight and cost
  • Load-bearing design by hydroforming
  • Higher flex for more comfort
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • 3 Years Crash Replacement
Important notice: The PCR-Program is a non-binding service. It´s limited to the original owner of the bicycle or frame. It also covers only damages where a save use of your bicycle cannot be guaranteed. Propain reserves the right to cancel this service in case of intentional damage.


Bikes of this category includes use on very harsh, obstacle-scattered terrain with steep gradients and consequently higher speeds. Regular, moderate jumps pose no problem for experienced riders when using these bikes. Extended and regular use in bike parks and when tackling “North Shore” sections should be avoided. Due to increased stresses, these bikes should be checked for damage after every ride. Full suspension bikes with mid-level travel are typical in this category. The following models belong to this category:

  • FRECHDAX (Kids)
  • HUGENE (Allmountain)
  • TYEE AM / TYEE AM CARBON (Allmountain)
  • EKANO (E-Bike)
  • YUMA (Kids)
These bikes can be used by technically adept and experienced riders to tackle very challenging, extremely steep terrain with a high number of obstacles. In this category, big jumps are to be expected as well as intensive use in bike parks or on downhil courses. It is essential that these bikes are fully examined for any potential damage after every ride. Further use when using damaged parts could lead to a major component malfunction. In addition, safety-relevant parts should be replaced at regular intervals. Wearing appropriate protective gear is absolutely essential. This category includes long-travel full-suspension bikes as well as dirt bikes. The following models belong to this category:

  • RAGE AL, RAGE CF (Downhill)
  • TYEE AL, TYEE CF (Enduro)
  • 4BIDDEN (Dirt, Fourcross)

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