Phil Atwill is back!

We are very happy to announce that Phil Atwill is back on PROPAIN Bicycles from now on.

After two years away from us, the style master himself will return to PROPAIN as a free athlete running his own program. His main focus will be UCI World Cups, video projects and other events along the way.

Phil Atwill is born and raised in Berkhamsted, UK just outside of London and one of the riders with the most universal skill packages you can find. Downhill, Enduro, freeride, BMX and even Trials, this man loves it all, but his main discipline is still Downhill. In the last UCI World Cup in 2020 he finished with an incredible stylish run and went for the podium. In 2021 he will race selected stops of the Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup and other events where you’ll see him back in action between the tapes.

Phil’s been living in Greece for just over 2 years now and has found him self at the core of the mtb community over there. Along with pushing his own riding he’s eager to help grow the Greek scene. That being said together we’d like to welcome aboard young Socratis Zotos and Giorgos Panagopoulos. Keep your eyes peeling for these talented shredders.

But let the man speak for himself:

I couldn’t be happier to announce I’ll be back on PROPAIN running my own program for 2021 and beyond. PROPAIN has been a massive part of my career from 2016 to 2018 with growing with the company to my first podium and many stand out moments. Such a genuine group of guys and girls there putting love into creating bikes for people just like themselves. I’m pretty stoked to be back on the same page and be in a position to support and be supported by a brand that I believe in. PROPAIN offering me the freedom to do whatever I like and also bring in talented riders Socratis Zotos and Giorgos Panagopoulos has really got me excited and my creative senses tingling. That being said I’m still going to be following and focusing on the full world cup season and other events just with my own twist. Can’t wait to get stuck into it.

Phil Atwill

Athens, Greece

Berkhamsted, UK


Other Hobbys
Gymnastics, Moto, digging and stroking cats

Favorite kind of bike
Depends on the session but trail bike normally ticks the box

Favorite place to ride
Pelion, North Greece

Favorite World cup track
Val di Sole

2021 resolution
Stay true to myself, have fun go fast and make some good content with some good c*nts.

Imagine you have a great girlfriend, you are the perfect match, but some crazy external circumstances make you break up and each one goes its own way. Without going into details but that pretty much describes what happened when Phil left PROPAIN. None of us was happy. Fast forward two years, different circumstances and hey, we are back together. Happy days - welcome home Phil!

Robert Krauss, CEO

The whole PROPAIN Crew is stoked to have Phil Atwill in its rider rooster again and looks forward to the upcoming projects together.

Welcome back, Phil!

Enough talking, here is some unseen and old reedited footage thanks to Tom Caldwell:

Also make sure to check out Phil’s social media channels:

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