TYEE CF 27,5" / 29" - 160mm

A powerful and effective climber thanks to its low weight and a stiff frame, an absolute machine on the descents thanks to its progressive geometry and full bikepark rating. With 170mm of travel up front, 160mm of travel out back, a superlight frame made of our own, extremely tough Blend Carbon and a choice between 27,5" or 29" wheels, the new Tyee CF is our interpretation of the perfect Performance Enduro Mountain Bike. The new Tyee CF is our Next Level Performance Enduro!

Tyee AL 27,5" / 29" - 160mm

A potent climber thanks to its steep seat angle and progressive geometry, an absolute beast and the perfect tool for your style on the descent thanks to a full bikepark rating. With 170mm of travel up front, 160mm of travel out back, a frame made of our own tried-and-trusted Blend Alloy and a choice between 27,5" or 29" wheels, the new Tyee AL is our interpretation of the perfect Action Enduro Mountain Bike. The new Tyee AL is our Next Level Action Enduro!


Spindrift 27,5" - 180mm

The new Spindrift will push your boundaries. Since its launch, the Spindrift has whipped up a considerable amount of dust and cleaned up on the award front. It is no surprise as it straddles the divide between an enduro and a big bike with ease thanks to its versatility. This means you can work your way up the climb and get full downhill performance with riding pleasure not seen before. For the current model year, the Spindrift’s reliability has been boosted thanks to sealed frame bearings, internal cable routing, and generous down tube protection. A bike just like a fun buddy, who will not let you down whatever the situation.


Hugene 29" - 130mm

Hugene is our interpretation of the perfect trailbike. A bike that flies up mountains with ease and puts a fat smile on your face on the way back down. For the first time, we are relying on large 29″ wheels and have optimized our proven PRO10 suspension system for them. This results in a great balance between stability and playfulness, providing lots of safety for the rider without feeling boring. To make the Hugene an agile trailbike, we’ve paid particular attention to its drive efficiency. Providing 100% anti-squat, the chainstay always keeps its cool on the uphills. The Hugene climbs almost like a hardtail but also offers sturdy downhill performance due to its progressive suspension kinematics that have been optimized offering both perfect sensitivity and bottom out resistance.


Ekano 165 27,5" / Mix / 29" - 165mm

Our long-travel E-Enduro. Just like with our entire line-up of mountain bikes, we haven’t made any compromises when it comes to our Enduro E-Bike. Thanks to the powerful Shimano Steps E8000 motor, the large 504 Wh battery and the steep seat angle, few climbs are too steep and few mountains too high. Once at the top, the 170mm of travel at the front and 165mm of travel out back provide you with maximal downhill performance and the confidence to tackle any terrain. On top of the completely customizable spec, the Ekano 165 offers the choice between 29“, 27.5“ or mixed wheel sizes. Be it a day on the home trails, full-on bike park action or an all-day epic onto the peak you always wanted to climb, with the Ekano 165 you’re ready for anything. The Propain Ekano 165 is our interpretation of the perfect Performance E-Bike.

Ekano 150 27,5" / Mix / 29" - 150mm

Our short-travel E-Bike. Versatile, adventurous, visionary – the Ekano 150 is our E-Mountain Bike all-rounder. With 150mm of travel in the front and back, the strong Shimano Steps E8000 motor and the powerful 504 Wh battery, the Ekano 150 is the perfect E-Bike for all-mountain and trail riding. Be it your daily commute, laps on your home trails or crossing the Alps, thanks to its versatility, the completely customizable spec and a choice between 29“, 27.5“ or mixed wheel sizes, the Ekano 150 is ready for whatever you throw at it. The Propain Ekano 150 is our interpretation of the perfect All-Mountain E-Bike.


Rage CF 27,5" / 29" - 210mm / 200mm

You want to ride the same equipment as the World Cup professionals? Then you are on the right track with the Rage Carbon 29. Our World Cup-proven Rage Carbon has been further optimized and is even more uncompromising with its 29” wheels. Super fast and super light is just right to squeeze the last seconds out of your race run. With the award-winning Pro10 suspension system you can shred with unbelievable speed on the toughest downhill tracks on the planet. The ingenious Reach Adjustment System lets you adapt the bike perfectly to your size.

Rage AL 27,5" - 200mm

The new Rage AL has been completely redesigned, rolls on 650B wheels, and is available in three frame sizes (S, M, L). The geometry is inspired by the Rage Carbon and based on the experience of our World Cup team. A clean, sturdy and robust frame was the development goal for our engineering team. So we said “good bye” to some features of the previous Rage frame, such as the split seat tube design. The new design was inspired by the design of the popular Spindrift frame. In fact, some of Propain’s customers and Propain staff were fantasizing about a long travel version of the Spindrift for some time – a “Spindrift on Steroids”. Here it is, a downhill bike which focuses on reduced needs for maintenance whilst still delivering maximum performance for the high speeds and big hits that a park bike has to take.


Yuma 24" / 26" - 145mm

The Yuma is a juvenile gravity bike, which is especially tailored to the characteristics and needs of riders with a body height taller than 1.30m and the respective low body weight. Delivered with 24″ wheels, the Yuma can be converted to 26″ wheels using the “Grown Up” kit, which is available separately.

Frechdax 20" - 90mm

The Frechdax was one of our special projects. As bikers and fathers it was time to develop a bike that meets the requirements of our very little ones without compromise, but at the same time uses the technology of our regular mountain bikes. The result is the Frechdax, which brings a big smile to every child’s face. It’s the right choice for kids who are already shredding bike parks or who are already venturing into demanding, technical terrain.

Dreckspatz 20" - Hardtail

Our Dreckspatz joins the full-suspension bike Frechdax as a cheaper alternative in our range of high-end children’s mountain bikes. For those who are looking for a bike for trail riding or pump tracks, the Dreckspatz is the right choice. This is where this bike shows its strengths as a lightweight hardtail with great acceleration and a guaranty for maximum fun for the youngsters.