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The future of E-Mountainbiking starts now! The EKANO 2 CF with SRAM Eagle Powertrain shifts your comfort zone through groundbreaking technology, intuitive operation, and a balanced geometry – Be better than ever before, whether you’re a beginner or E-Enduro Pro.

Maximum Performance – Made for everyone

The Most Natural Ride Feel

The SRAM Eagle Powertrain is so natural and discrete in its power development that our new carbon flagship does not feel like a classic full-power E-bike. The system manages the balancing act between enormous power and dosage like no other. Mountainbiking on the EKANO 2 CF gives you the feeling of having incredible powerful legs and gigantic endurance. It only takes one ride to understand, the future of E-Mountainbiking starts now.

Agile Handling - Easiness And Speed

Just like on the sister model, the EKANO 2 AL, the positioning of the shock, motor and the battery provides an ideal weight distribution and a low, central center of gravity. The 3.1 kg light SRAM battery and the integrated SRAM drive unit make the weight of the bike extremely unobtrusive and ensure agile and easy handling – almost as our motorless bikes. The carbon fiber further ensures a more direct handling and creates the foundation for the race DNA of the EKANO 2 CF.

Features That Really Make A Difference

We’ve stripped down the features of the EKANO 2 CF together with SRAM to what really elevates your experience: the cleanest E-MTB cockpit imaginable, Auto Shift and Coast Shift, and two support modes Range and Rally that can easily be adjusted to suit individual needs. Simplicity and intuitivity allow you to focus on the trail and take your ride to the next level.

"With the new Ekano 2 CF, Propain achieved one of the tidiest integrations of the new SRAM Powertrain motor system, which also includes the automatic Transmission drivetrain. Propain’s first ever carbon eMTB also delivers a solid performance on the trail, where it’s suitable for both beginners and advanced riders."

Mix or 29" - You have the choice

The EKANO 2 CF is available in both a mixed wheel setup and a pure 29″ configuration. Through the flip chip on the upper link of the PRO10 frame, both wheel sizes can be used on the same frame.

Maximum Agility With Mix


Mix is more agile and maneuverable due to the smaller 27.5″ rear wheel and offers you more space to move. The large 29” front wheel nevertheless provides confidence in rough and steep terrain.

Best Stability Through 29"


Pure 29″ wheels are optimal for high speed and a smooth ride and offer best roll-over behavior specially in technical sections.

Build Kits

We at PROPAIN always remain committed to custom, so you can still fulfill your every individual wish in our configurator. Still, we want to help guide you on the way to your personal dream bike. Our three build kits are confidently recommended, because we would build our own bikes exactly the same way. For every use case and every budget, we provide you with a well-thought-out spec concept, each of which is fully “ready to shred”.


$ 11,299
  • Fork:
    Fox 38 Factory Grip2 Kashima
  • Shock:
    Fox Float DHX2 Factory Kashima
  • Brakes:
    Magura MT7 Performance
  • Wheels:
    Crankbrothers Synthesis E-Bike Carbon i9
  • Driveunit:
    SRAM Eagle Powertrain
  • Drivetrain:
    SRAM XX Eagle Transmission (1x12)
  • Seatpost:
    Fox Transfer Factory Kashima


$ 9,999
  • Fork:
    RockShox ZEB Ultimate
  • Shock:
    RockShox Vivid Ultimate
  • Brakes:
    SRAM Code RSC
  • Wheels:
    NEWMEN Evolution E.G.30
  • Driveunit:
    SRAM Eagle Powertrain
  • Drivetrain:
    SRAM X0 Eagle Transmission (1x12)
  • Seatpost:
    RockShox Reverb AXS


$ 7,794
  • Fork:
    RockShox ZEB
  • Shock:
    RockShox Super Deluxe Coil Select
  • Brakes:
    SRAM DB8
  • Wheels:
    NEWMEN Performance 30
  • Driveunit:
    SRAM Eagle Powertrain
  • Drivetrain:
    SRAM GX Eagle Transimission (1x12)
  • Seatpost:
    BikeYoke Divine

SRAM Eagle Powertrain

The SRAM Eagle Powertrain is not only the motor of our new E-Bike, but a holistic drive system that forms a cohesive unit with the EKANO 2 CF and thus enables the absolute best E-Bike performance. The system offers cutting-edge functionality that can only be achieved by combining technology from the Eagle Transmission, AXS and Powertrain. Rather than focusing on feature count, Eagle Powertrain puts the focus on equipping riders with features that truly matter. As a fully integrated system with intuitive user experience and familiar controls, simplicity and naturality are absolutely paramount.

The cleanest E-MTB cockpit that you can imagine, Auto and Coast Shift, and complexity reduced to a minimum with two support levels that can be easily adjusted to individual needs, are what make the system.


The SRAM Drive Unit delivers 680 watts of peak power, 90 Nm of maximum torque, two support modes, and the features Auto Shift and Coast Shift.

With Auto Shift you never again have to worry about whether you’re in the right gear or how you need to shift for the next uphill. You can fully focus on the trail ahead and your line choice. A complex algorithm continuously calculates which gear ratio is best for the current situation. Via the “Pedal Speed” setting, you can adjust Auto Shift in seconds during the ride to the current requirements and your preferences. The robust transmission derailleurs complete the automatic system, as they allow clean and fast shifting even under full load.

Coast Shift allows you to shift without rotating the crank while you coast. And this both in Auto Shift mode at changing speeds and when you shift manually. Imagine you enter a fast, rough section into a tight berm, for which you have to brake hard. With the EKANO 2 CF you are already in the right gear before the berm, so you can be back on the gas immediately.

Eagle Powertrain Batterie

The 3.1 kg lightweight 630 Wh SRAM battery is the, in our eyes, best compromise between range and an agile handling of the bike. The unique C-shape of the battery allowed us to keep the down tube of the EKANO 2 CF slim and compact. But with the EKANO 2 CF you also have the option to use a 250 Wh range extender, which increases the total capacity of the system to 880 Wh and thus also allows even the longest rides.


The Eagle Powertrain system can be customized and adjusted to personal preferences and individual riding style in a versatile and intuitive way via the AXS smartphone app.

The app allows riders to customize their Eagle Powertrain POD controllers, tune Range & Rally assist levels, personalize Auto Shift, view battery status, install firmware updates and receive system notifications.

More information about the AXS app can be found at SRAM.

Integrated Cable Routing

Our Integrated Cable Routing “ICR” developed together with Sixpack is also used on the EKANO 2 CF. The stem, CNC-milled in Germany, forms a positive fit to the top plastic spacer. The cables therefore do not go through the stem, but through a pinch-through-seal below the stem into the top spacer, through the headset, into the frame. This allows the stem to be replaced effortlessly if necessary, and the mounting height can be adjusted by clip-in spacers without having to dismantle the stem at all.

To make the system maximally durable, an additional IPS seal is mounted on the upper headset bearing in addition to the seal at the cable entry. The system becomes absolutely bullet-proof with the stainless-steel bearings used exclusively in all frames, which can be recognized by the red seal. Wear in the headset is therefore not an issue with our ICR system.

Smart Details

Our Ekano 2 CF impresses with smart detail solutions. With a sophisticated frame concept, our race proven and award-winning PRO10 system, cable integration, clever cable routing and an efficient chainstay protection, you don’t need to worry about a thing when riding your bike.

Seamlessly Integrated Into The Frame

Integration is everything. The SRAM Eagle Powertrain is seamlessly integrated into the frame. To optimize stiffness in the heavily stressed bottom bracket area, the carbon frame encloses the SRAM Drive Unit. Custom-made covers and a fiber-reinforced motor cover neatly enclose the drive unit. The battery, installed in the cut-out down tube, is protected from dirt and water by a painted carbon battery cover giving the EKANO 2 CF the appearance of a closed down tube. With a 5 mm allen key, the battery can be changed quickly and easily.

The Cleanest E-MTB Cockpit Ever

No cables, only the SRAM POD controller and the scratch-resistant AXS Bridge Display mounted in the top tube. Together with our Sixpack ICR cable routing through the headset this results in the most modern and cleanest E-bike cockpit ever. The cable routing through the headset is the quietest and most beautiful way to run cables.

ICR System from Sixpack - Made In Germany

Our Sixpack ICR full integration with the CNC-milled Millenium stem impresses with the clean look, and is the perfect solution for a tidy cockpit and a quiet bike. The stem is available in 35 mm and 50 mm length. Both have a clamp diameter of 35 mm and a handlebar clamp width of 55 mm. For the perfect look you can also choose our Headtube Badge in four different versions.

Clever Cable Routing And Positioning Of The Charging Port

The optimized cable routing, going directly across the main pivots of the rear triangle, represents the cleanest solution for us. Rattling or chafing is a thing of the past – at full compression the cables remain exactly where they belong. The charging port is positioned for easy access and perfectly protected by a rubber seal.

Optimized Frame Protection

Silence on the trail makes an unexpectedly big difference. The EKANO 2 CF creates an enormous sense of confidence through absolute silence and drives to push the personal limits. In addition to the cable integration and the cable routing directly over the main pivot points of the rear triangle, the newly developed chain and seat stay protectors, already in use on the Tyee 6, are responsible for this. These are made of a soft TPR plastic with excellent damping properties. Air-filled nubs with an outward tilt stop chain vibrations with great efficiency.

Brake Integration

With the new EKANO 2 CF, the Postmount brake mount is integrated into the rear triangle. In addition to the sleek aesthetic aspects, this also achieves better transfer of braking forces into the frame. For 200 mm and 220 mm rotors no additional adapters are needed, just a quick adjustment of the Postmount bracket is all that’s needed to make the switch.

Bottle- And Tool Mount & Range Extender

A good e-bike of course needs the ability to carry enough hydration and the most necessary equipment for a long day on the bike. The less weight in the backpack or hip bag the better. The bottle mount on the down tube and the tool mount on the bottom of the top tube provide the perfect platform for this.

The bottle mount is doubling as the mount for the 250 Wh SRAM Range Extender. So, if you are planning an extra-long ride, with a total of 880 Wh you have more than enough capacity, no matter what your destination is. The SRAM baseplate allows an easy and tool-free change between range extender and your personal bottle cage.


The PRO10 system is known for its drive neutrality. Especially for an E-Bike, it was important to us to further refine this feature. With an anti-squat in the SAG of 132%, the EKANO 2 CF climbs technical uphills with active suspension without bobbing. Descending, the system retains its well-known super sensitive responsiveness and begins to work on even the smallest bumps. The progression of the rear triangle provides pleasant mid-stroke support. The shocks tuned to the EKANO 2 CF, both air and coil, release the full travel perfectly controllable when needed.

Frame Concept and PRO10

We are confident that our PRO10 system is the best frame concept. As has already been proven on the EKANO 2 AL, the vertically positioned shock floating between the counterrotating links offers absolutely the best performance, especially for E-Bikes. The positioning of the shock, together with the 3.1 kg light battery sitting low in the frame results in the center of gravity of the bike being as low and central as possible. This makes the weight inconspicuous and the handling of the bike very close to our non-motor counterparts. The carbon fiber further ensures a more direct handling and creates the foundation for the race DNA of the EKANO 2 CF.

Blend Carbon

We are convinced that it is not enough to just use one good carbon material for a frame. Instead, it needs different carbon materials and their diverse properties to meet the requirements. PROPAIN carbon frames are made from pre-impregnated (prepreg) carbon layers. These guarantee an optimum resin content and thus ensure significantly higher strength values. Each of the layers has special properties and corresponding tasks at specific points of the frame. Based on the requirements for stiffness, flexibility, impact resistance, weight, strength and the direction of stress, different fibers and fabrics are used.

PROPAIN uses only the highest quality materials. For example, the carbon fibers used in our frames are the same as those used in the latest generation of aviation components.

The size of the frame plays an important role in the bike’s performance and, above all, in its enjoyment. Select the frame size you need from the table. If you are between two sizes, then you only have to decide whether you like it playful or smooth. For smooth riding, choose the larger frame size, for playful riding, choose the smaller frame size.

S: 158-172 cm / M: 168-182 cm / L: 178-192 cm / XL: 188-202 cm
150 cm 4'11" 160 cm 5'3" 170 cm 5'7" 180 cm 5'11" 190 cm 6'3" 200 cm 6'7"
Smoothly running

The adjustable seatpost is probably one of the most ingenious inventions of recent years. In order to function optimally on the trail, the proper seatpost travel is very important. The following chart shows the recommended minimum inseam for the corresponding frame size. Please keep in mind that this is only a recommendation, as the respective sitting position depends very much on personal habits and preferences.

* Inside leg length in cm
EKANO 2 CF Size S Size M Size L Size XL
Bikeyoke Divine 125 72 74 76.5 79
Bikeyoke Divine 160 78 78 80 82.5
Bikeyoke Divine 185 83 83 83 85
Bikeyoke Revive 125 72 74 76.5 79
Bikeyoke Revive 160 78 78 80 82.5
Bikeyoke Revive 185 83 83 83 85
Bikeyoke Revive 213 89.5 89.5 89.5 89.5
Bikeyoke Revive 3 125 71.5 73.5 76 78.5
Bikeyoke Revive 3 160 77.5 77.5 79.5 82
Bikeyoke Revive 3 185 82.5 82.5 82.5 84.5
Bikeyoke Revive 3 213 89 89 89 89
Fox Transfer 125 72 74 76.5 79
Fox Transfer 150 76.5 76.5 79 81.5
Fox Transfer 175 82 82 82 84
Fox Transfer 200 87.5 87.5 87.5 87.5
RockShox Reverb AXS 125 74.5 76.5 79 81.5
RockShox Reverb AXS 150 78.5 79 81.5 84
RockShox Reverb AXS 170 82.5 82.5 83.5 86
Drive Unit SRAM Eagle Powertrain Drive Unit
Max. power 680 W
Nominal power 250 W
max. torque 90 Nm
2.9 kg
Battery SRAM Eagle Powertrain Battery
~ 630 Wh (typ) / 600 Wh (min)
3.1 kg
Range Extender SRAM Eagle Powertrain Range Extender
~ 250 Wh (typ / min)
1.4 kg (without mounting hardware)
Shock length 205 mm
Shock travel 60 mm
Shock bushings 8 x 25 mm / Trunnion
Travel (Frame) 170 mm
Max. Travel (Fork) 180 mm
Brake mount (Frame) PM200 - PM220
Seatpost diameter 31.6 mm
Seatclamp diameter 36.4 mm
max. Seatpost insert length Frame size S: 210 mm
Frame size M: 230 mm
Frame size L: 255 mm
Frame size XL: 280 mm
Headset (S.H.I.S) ZS56/ZS56
Rear wheel axle 148 mm
Chainline 55
Chainguide mount integrated in engine cover
Derailleur hanger UDH
Wheel size 29"/ Mix
Max. system weight 130 kg

170 mm travel at the rear and 180 mm at the front, reach values adapted to our product range, a slightly flatter steering angle of 64° and a steep seat angle of 78° result in the modern geometry of our e-bike. The EKANO 2 CF is available with 29″ wheels as well as in a mixed wheel setup.

180 mm Fork - 29" Wheelset

* Measured 200 mm from center of bottom bracket
Frame height (A) 410 mm 430 mm 455 mm 480 mm
Fork offset (B) 44 mm 44 mm 44 mm 44 mm
Fork length (C) 598 mm 598 mm 598 mm 598 mm
Head tube length (D) 110 mm 115 mm 120 mm 130 mm
Reach (E) 435 mm 455 mm 475 mm 495 mm
Stack (F) 644 mm 649 mm 653 mm 662 mm
Head angle (G) 64° 64° 64° 64°
Seat angle – real (H) 75.6° 75.6° 75.6° 75.6°
Seat angle – effective (I) 78° 78° 78° 78°
Top tube length (J) 571 mm 593 mm 614 mm 636 mm
BB offset (K) 24.5 mm 24.5 mm 24.5 mm 24.5 mm
Chainstay length (L) 453 mm 453 mm 453 mm 453 mm
Wheelbase (M) 1,239 mm 1,261 mm 1,283 mm 1,307 mm
Standover height (N)* 829 mm 826 mm 823 mm 822 mm
BB height 351 mm 351 mm 351 mm 351 mm

180 mm Fork - Mixed Wheelset

* Measured 200 mm from center of bottom bracket
Frame height (A) 410 mm 430 mm 455 mm 480 mm
Fork offset (B) 44 mm 44 mm 44 mm 44 mm
Fork length (C) 598 mm 598 mm 598 mm 598 mm
Head tube length (D) 110 mm 115 mm 120 mm 130 mm
Reach (E) 430 mm 451 mm 471 mm 490 mm
Stack (F) 647 mm 652 mm 657 mm 666 mm
Head angle (G) 63.6° 63.6° 63.6° 63.6°
Seat angle – real (H) 75.2° 75.2° 75.2° 75.2°
Seat angle – effective (I) 77.6° 77.6° 77.6° 77.6°
Tob tube length (J) 573 mm 593 mm 614 mm 637 mm
BB offset (K) 30/10 mm 30/10 mm 30/10 mm 30/10 mm
Chainstay length (L) 451 mm 451 mm 451 mm 451 mm
Wheelbase (M) 1,237 mm 1,259 mm 1,281 mm 1,306 mm
Standover height (N)* 827 mm 824 mm 821 mm 819 mm
BB height 342 mm 342 mm 342 mm 342 mm


Ekano 2 CF Factory

The name says it all, Kashima is the new gold. Magura MT7 Performance, Crankbrothers Synthesis Carbon wheelset and the XX Transmission groupset, nothing more needs to be said.

Fork Fox 38 Factory Grip2 Kashima
Shock Fox Float DHX2 Factory Kashima
Brakes Magura MT7 Performance
Wheels Crankbrothers Synthesis E-Bike Carbon i9
Driveunit SRAM Eagle Powertrain
Drivetrain SRAM GX Eagle Transimission (1x12)
Trigger SRAM AXS Pod Ultimate
Rear derailleur SRAM XX Eagle Transmission
Cassette SRAM XS-1297 Eagle Transmission
Crank SRAM XX Eagle Transmission
Handlebar SIXPACK Millenium 805
Stem SIXPACK Millenium 35 ICR
Seatpost Fox Transfer Factory Kashima
Saddle SQLab 611 Infinergy
Tires Schwalbe Magic Mary / Big Betty
Weight 23,1 kg

Ekano 2 CF Ultimate

Our heavy-hitter spec. The RockShox ZEB Ultimate suspension fork and Vivid Ultimate shock set the tone. The XO Transmission drivetrain and NEWMEN E.G.30 wheelset round off the package.

Fork RockShox ZEB Ultimate
Shock RockShox Vivid Ultimate
Brakes SRAM Code RSC
Wheels NEWMEN Evolution E.G.30
Driveunit SRAM Eagle Powertrain
Drivetrain SRAM GX Eagle Transimission (1x12)
Trigger SRAM AXS Pod Ultimate
Rear derailleur SRAM X0 Eagle Transmission
Cassette SRAM XS-1295 Eagle Transmission
Crank SRAM X0 Eagle Transmission
Handlebar SIXPACK Millenium 805
Stem SIXPACK Millenium 35 ICR
Seatpost RockShox Reverb AXS inkl. Pod
Saddle SQLab 611 Infinergy
Tires Schwalbe Magic Mary / Big Betty
Weight 22,8 kg

Ekano 2 CF Base

The entry-level offer that is absolutely “ready to shred”. The most riding fun for the least money with RockShox suspension, SRAM brakes, NEWMEN Performance Evolution 30 wheelset and BikeYoke Divine seatpost.

Fork RockShox ZEB
Shock RockShox Super Deluxe Coil Select
Brakes SRAM DB8
Wheels NEWMEN Performance 30
Driveunit SRAM Eagle Powertrain
Drivetrain SRAM GX Eagle Transimission (1x12)
Trigger SRAM AXS Pod
Rear derailleur SRAM GX Eagle Transmission
Cassette SRAM XG-1275 Eagle Transmission
Crank SRAM GX Eagle Transmission
Handlebar SIXPACK Millenium 805
Stem SIXPACK Millenium 35 ICR
Seatpost OneUp Dropper V3
Saddle SIXPACK Kamikaze
Tires Schwalbe Magic Mary / Big Betty
Weight 23,2 kg