Many will certainly answer this question by asking for a testride. And this is often not easy to achieve for manufacturers with direct sales. That’s why we launched the Friends program almost four years ago. However, the Friends program has long ceased to be just a testride exchange, but has become a prime example of how online traders and customer proximity do not have to contradict each other. Because we offer many advantages for our friends, such as a bonus system, discounts at partner companies and joint trips such as the annual season start at “Friends on Trail” in Vinschgau.
After some of our customers have already offered their bikes for testrides in forums and social networks, we wanted to set up an official platform for this in 2013. The main reason was that we wanted to reward our customers’ commitment. At the beginning about 50 customers had registered and the foundation stone for Propain Friends was laid. After almost 5 years there are more than 2,000 Propain Friends all over Europe and more and more, because we always come up with something for our friends. In addition to a bonus system for testrides, there are also exclusive offers from us and a network of partner companies (clothing, protectors, hotels, bike shuttles, etc.) with discounts and special deals for Propain Friends. We also offer joint excursions such as “Friends on Trail” and regional “Friends Meetups”.

Do you want to check out our bikes in real life and get in touch with a Propain Friend in your area?

By using our interactive map and applying relevant search filters such as model, frame size and region, you can to locate the right Friend in your area. Then you can get in touch with the Friend through the contact form. You can get first hand information about the bike, schedule an appointment to take a look at the bike or even make arrangements to take it out for a test ride. Please keep in mind that it might take a little longer to get a response, as our Propain Friends are just regular riders who volunteered to join our program without any obligation. This ensures 100% reliable and independent information but it also means that it is entirely up to the Friend to respond. So please be patient in case it takes a little longer to get a response.

Do you own a Propain bike and want to become part of our Propain Friend family?

Every Propain rider can register for our program here or register for our program during the order process. You will then be added to our interactive map and other riders can get in touch with you. Of course we have some benefits for our Friends as well. We frequently run special promotions and activities within our Propain Friends´ membership base. On top of that you can benefit from our bonus system and can earn some sweet prizes. Register now and get your first 20 bonus points.

Benefits for our Friends

  • Season kick off event: Throughout the years our well established season kick off event has become one of the highlights for us and our Friends. Enjoy some of the best trails in Europe and ride them with the Propain team and some of our team riders. Just book your ticket and enjoy. We organize everything for you, from the hotel reservation to a great selection of guided tours or shuttle services for those who prefer the downhill to the fun events. Trust us – there is no better way to start the season than with us!
  • Bonus points and rewards During your initial registration with our program you immediately earn the first 20 bonus points. For each confirmed and rated test ride of an interested rider you get another 10 points. The intereseted rider receives a mail with the request of rating the test ride two weeks after your meeting. If this rider ends up placing an order for one of our bikes, you get 10 additional points. If the interested rider contacted more than one Friend, each of them receives points for a newly placed order. You can check your current program statement and the available rewards (caps, shirts, jerseys, components) in the membership area of our Propain Friends website. The more points you earn, the higher your status will become… You start out as a “Rookie” (50 points or fewer), graduate to “Expert” (more than 50 points) or even become a “Pro” (more than 100 points).
  • Friends special offers From time to time we will offer special deals on components (forks, wheel sets, drive train components, tires and more) to our Propain Friends.
  • Special Deals We have built up a network of partners who have special deals for our Friends.

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