Bam Bam

14″ Push Bike
2 – 4 Years
90 – 110 cm


Incl. tax
Delivery Time: approx. 1 week

Shred the Rubble

The Bam Bam allows children to learn to balance on two wheels, whilst learning fundamental skills and increasing agility. A push bike gives children self-confidence, they can feel safe and can progress and learn at their own pace. The Bam Bam’s design is eye-catching and chic with the added benefit of being equipped with numerous useful details. The frame and fork are particularly lightweight and perfectly adapted to children.

They remember their first bike forever!

The Bam Bam is suitable for children between 90 cm and 110 cm (2 to 4 years).



Incl. tax
Delivery Time: approx. 1 week

The perfect introduction to the exciting world of cycling

The low stand over gives freedom of movement and self-confidence. This helps reassure children as they can use their feet to control their balance and speed more easily. This allows them to progress quickly and after just a few months, they will be able to support themselves and lift their feet more often and for longer. All tube ends are rounded for safety.

Enough space for the feet to push forward

Thanks to the foot platform, kids can feel comfortable and safe without having their feet on the ground. The platform is designed the perfect size, not too big that it gets in the way when pushing and not too small for when using it.

The right behavior right from the start

PROPAIN’s own experience has shown that younger children lack the finger strength to safely operate brakes, so brakes have been left off the spec. But as they grow in strength and confidence, a rear disc can be easily added if required. This will help teach the fundamentals before they move to a pedal bike.

Components and specs especially for kids

We’ve cherry picked the best components to suit the Bam Bam’s riders, from small diameter grips to allow them to grip firmly, to knobbly 14” tires for extra grip and a kid’s specific saddle for extra comfort. High quality and reliable parts are a must for PROPAIN owners of all ages.

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Brake mount (Frame) IS to PM
Max. rear rotor size 160 mm
Seatpost diameter 22,2 mm
Seatclamp diameter 25,4 mm
Headset (S.H.I.S.) 1 1/8″
Wheel sizes 14″
Bike weight 4,5 kg
Frame height (A) 160 mm
Fork offset (B) 27 mm
Fork length (C) 250 mm
Head tube length (D) 75 mm
Reach (E) 210 mm
Stack (F) 343 mm
Head angle (G) 69°
Seat angle (H) 72°
Top tube length (I) 321 mm
BB offset (J) 50 mm
Chainstay length (K) 270 mm
Wheelbase (L) 616 mm
Standover height (M)* 330 mm
*Measured 100 mm from center of bottom bracket


14" Push Bike
2 - 4 Years
90 - 110 cm

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95 - 115 cm

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