How is a new bike created?

First product sketches, prototype construction, load tests and testrides on the trail. It is a long way from the first idea to the series production of a new bike.

We consequently rely on our own German engineering department. Starting with the first product sketch and precisely define the bike´s suspension characteristics, we continue with developing a first draft CAD model on the computer. Using FEM analysis, we carry out stress load simulations of the frame and optimize its construction accordingly. As soon as the design is fixed, we build a few prototypes, which then undergo extensive lab testing in our in-house test lab. The test requirements easily exceed required standards.

As a last step, we test the prototype bike up to its limits on the trails. Only if we´re sure, we created a top performing, reliable bike, we progress forward to serial production. As a direct distribution brand, we not only give first hand info to Propain riders, but also directly respond to their suggestions. Combined with the feedback we get from our team riders we ensure that Propain bikes are always up to date and cater to riders´ needs.

At first, the idea gets on the paper

Before our bikes come into production, it is a long way. After we had brought the first idea on paper (or on Computer), we will test several prototypes till we get to the finished production model. Those prototypes will be tested extremely till we are 100% satisfied. After this long procedure, we give the OK for the production run.

Simulation of various stress tests on the computer

Still on the computer, our bikes will be tested virtually. Thru different complicated calculations (FEM, FVM), we can take a closer look on different areas while we simulate certain stress on the material. Based on this data, we can adjust our construction and even the material thickness to optimize stiffness, weight and riding quality. At this point, we are already pretty sure that this bike will handle the stress during your ride without problems.

Third party testing and prototype riding

We believe, you cannot put some numbers together and get an awesome bike. That’s why in our second step of development we start building prototype bikes. Those bikes will be tested in the laboratory and for sure on the trail. The advantage of a laboratory test, we can test our bikes till they brake, without damaging somebody. Sometimes it is hard for us to compare those tests with the reality of riding a bike. Because after all of this, we ride our bikes on the trails. All of us, including the CEO, the engineer, the mechanic and several employees ride the bikes. And for sure, our pro team gives us a valuable feedback as well.

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