Covid-19 Bike Boom: Lead times, Pricing and Brexit

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2020 has likely been the craziest and most unpredictable year the bike industry has ever experienced. The increasing demand for bicycles hit all global markets and is still causing extreme delays in the supply chain worldwide. Making it hard for manufacturers in the bike industry to keep up with their promised delivery dates.

How long do I currently need to wait for my bike?

Well that’s a hard one to answer. Usually, a complete bike includes up to 40 different components and parts. In our case, due to the unique service we offer with our customization tool on our website, it’s even more difficult to plan and foresee what parts our customers plan to buy. That also means that we are even more dependent on reliable shipments from our suppliers. Currently some delivery times of our suppliers are up to 14 months in the worst cases. As an example, during normal times average delivery time has been around 90 days.

When you spec your dream build on our website it shows you an estimated shipping date which we try to communicate as accurate as possible. Each individual component will also be given a date in future. However, it still might be the case that although we are doing our best having the parts for your bike in stock, the shipping date for your bike gets postponed. That’s unfortunate but often it’s not in our hands and we apologize for any inconveniences this might cause. In a case like that, one of our service agents will get in touch with you and offer you different options of how to proceed.

Will PROPAIN increase its prices?

To be absolutely clear with you, yes. It sounds contradictory increasing prices while selling more bikes than ever before. We are facing highly increased costs for transportation and purchasing and having made big investments into our organisation being able to keep up with the momentum while still providing the best quality products. We remain true to our philosophy offering customization and a various choice of bike models and colours, but we are taking extra efforts to make sure our customers get what they expect when ordering a PROPAIN.

I’m based in the UK. What the heck is going on?

The good news is, we want to ship into the UK as soon as possible. We are doing our best to provide our service and products to our loyal UK based customers!

Since December 31st the UK is not part of the EU anymore and, out of a customs and trade view, the UK now counts as a third country. That means that you will need to pay custom duties and import sales tax when importing goods from the EU. We expect the import sales tax being close to the amount of the German VAT. The prices communicated on our website for UK customers do not include VAT!

We are receiving different information daily regarding tariffs and shipping and we hope to have this solved during the next two weeks. We apologize for any delays on our shipments to the UK. As soon as we know more details, one of our service agents will contact you and let you know how to proceed.


We all at PROPAIN need to ask for your understanding during these unprecedented times. Please be sure that we are working hard and doing everything we can to get back to normal as quickly as possible.

See you on the trails!