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Our first bike that is not a gravity mountain bike. The first bike with a drop bar - a big step and somehow we are supposedly "late to the party". If we take such a big step, then it has to be right. That's why we took our time, observed the development of the scene and the industry and are now bringing a product to market that we believe is the perfect modern gravel bike. But why are we making a gravel bike now? Quite simple: we ourselves are up for it, our customers are up for it, our brand can grow from it and simply because we can. Our credo "We build the best bikes for us and our friends" is also decisive when it comes to gravel.


No other bike is used as versatilely today as a gravel bike. From daily challenges to long tours off-road, bikepacking trips lasting several days or long-distance gravel competitions - every gravel rider has his or her own personal idea of this discipline. The Terrel CF was developed around this enormous versatility and comes with a huge ace up its sleeve - the PROPAIN online configurator. The Terrel can be tailored to a wide variety of applications. Whether it's a carbon fork and aero wheelset for maximum efficiency and speed or suspension and dropper post for maximum comfort and trail performance? 2-speed gears for the tightest possible gear shifts or a mullet drive with transmission rear derailleur and cassette? The Terrel will be exactly what you need.



Overall concept & geometry

Developing a platform that can completely change its application area with different components and that lacks nothing - that is a pretty ambitious goal. But now that we are standing in front of the Terrel, we are sure that we have succeeded. For the lightweight frame, we have redesigned our well-known blend carbon layup and adapted it to the requirements of a gravel bike. With a high proportion of high-modulus fiber at the critical points, we have achieved very high rigidity for maximum pedaling efficiency while simultaneously dampening vibrations to prevent fatigue on long rides. The positioning of the seat stays and the layup in this area allow for strong flex in the seat post and thus offer maximum seating comfort. In addition, the frame meets our demands for resilience from the gravity area and weighs just 1090 grams in size M. The geometry of the Terrel has undoubtedly been influenced by our gravity experiences, but it is anything but a mini MTB. Light and natural handling was the goal alongside efficiency and comfort.

With a 70.5° flat steering angle and 73.5° steep seat angle in size M, longer reach and moderate stack values in combination with shorter stem lengths, we achieve exactly that: a hand position slightly behind the front axle for optimal control, even when things get a bit more technical, and a sporty but not too stretched seating position. Thanks to the high rigidity, the Terrel can be pedaled efficiently on asphalt despite gravity influences in the geometry and can easily take part in a road bike group ride and shine at the next town sign sprint. The geometry of the frame is completely "suspension-corrected", which means it was developed for use with a 40 mm travel suspension fork. Our rigid carbon fork has a correspondingly adjusted fork height so as not to distort the geometry. The frame and carbon fork have a maximum tire clearance of 700x50C for maximum comfort and grip and of course the corresponding tires can also be selected directly in the configurator. This concept, a range of practical and clever features and the ability to customize via our online configurator make our Terrel the ideal gravel platform.


In order to be best prepared for bikepacking and commuting, in addition to the efficiency and comfort of the frame, the ability to store equipment on the bike is of course extremely important. With screw points for frame bags and top tube bags on the top tube, screw points for bags or cages on the side of the fork and screw points for mudguards and racks, as well as three bottle holders, we have pulled out all the stops on the Terrel.


Screw-on points for all equipment allow for a very clean look without annoying straps. The equipment always stays exactly where it should be, without wobbling, rattling, rubbing or slipping. The heart of all bag systems is without a doubt a frame bag. That's why we decided to develop our own frame bag, which fits precisely into the frame triangle of the Terrel. Our slim frame bag is attached to the screw-on points without tools and can therefore always remain on the bike without being noticeable in the design. And if you want to transport a little more, you can expand the volume of the bag in no time at all using the all-round zipper.


Our "Wilderness Essential Equipment Depository Box" allows you to store all essential equipment in the frame via a large opening in the down tube. With a unique locking system developed by us, it is easy to open, even when a bottle is attached. It is sealed against dust, mud and water and does not rattle. The two bags included, the Tube Bag and the Tool Bag, can of course be used to store the eponymous utensils, but there are also smaller compartments for keys, valuables and anything else you need to store.


As with our mountain bikes, the Terrel uses a chainstay protector made of soft TPR plastic, which uses studs to stop the chain vibration as efficiently as possible, allowing a silent ride, even when the Terrel is used on trails. The down tube protector protects the Blend Carbon frame from stone chips and ground contact and at the same time offers the option of mounting a third water bottle.


The screwed T47 bottom bracket with its large, durable bearings is very low-maintenance. Unlike press-fit bottom brackets, it does not tend to make noise. Once mounted, you can ride with complete peace of mind. The UDH derailleur hanger is very easy to replace in the event of a defect and enables the installation of SRAM Transmission rear derailleurs.

FLAT MOUNT 160 / 180

Flat mount brakes with up to 180 mm brake discs can be mounted on the Terrel to ensure high braking power for long and steep descents.


A visually clean cockpit is an absolute must for a gravel bike. That's why our brake lines and shift cables run through or under the handlebars along the stem into the headset and are not visible until they reach their destination. An opening in the downtube under the downtube protector makes it easier to install the lines around the bottom bracket area.


Sixpack Racing is introducing a gravel component line together with the Terrel - the Sixpack Gravel Series. In addition to two handlebar options made of aluminum and carbon, a slim aluminum stem and a carbon seat post with 0 mm setback are included in the PROPAIN configurator


For a modern carbon frame that can withstand ambitious riding for a long time, it is not enough to just use a good carbon material. Instead, it requires a mixture of different carbon fibers and fabrics and their diverse properties to meet the requirements. PROPAIN carbon frames are made from pre-impregnated (prepreg) carbon layers. These guarantee an optimal resin content and ensure significantly higher strength values. Each of the layers has special properties and corresponding tasks in certain parts of the frame. Based on the requirements for stiffness, flexibility, impact resistance, weight, strength and the direction of tension, different fibers and fabrics are used. In our Terrel, we deliberately use an additional high-quality high modulus fiber, which allows us to make the frame extremely stiff against torsion when starting, without having to make any compromises in terms of vibration damping and seating comfort.


Terracotta Gloss I Raw Matt
The Terrel is available in two colors, "Carbon Raw Matt" and "Terracotta Gloss". Our well-known Carbon Raw gets its unique look from the visible varnish and our special processing of the "Blend Carbon" becomes visible. "Terracotta Gloss" is a new color that is available for the first time from PROPAIN. On the Terrel, small reflective PROPAIN logos and graphic elements are placed under the varnish. The customer can therefore configure the Terrel as cleanly as possible without any additional PROPAIN lettering, or keep it tone-on-tone. Of course, old and new colors can also be selected for the lettering and the emblem. This gives everyone the freedom to realize their favorite color combination. A very robust, plotted vinyl film is used for the decal kit, the emblem is a relief made of wafer-thin metal.
  • ASTM Cat 2
  • Progressive, modern gravel geometry –
    suspension corrected
  • PROPAIN Frame Storage
  • 180 mm flat mount brake mounts
  • GRVL Carbon
  • Cable integration
    by the tax rate 
  • Screwing points for “strapless”
  • Attaching bags and equipment
  • Sleek, dynamic design
  • Sixpack Gravel Series
  • Stainless steel headset bearings
  • T47 screwed bottom bracket
  • Effective frame protection
  • Cable integration 
  • Custom-fit cable ducts
  • TPR chainstay protectors
  • SRAM UDH derailleur hanger  
  • Screwing points for equipment, racks and fenders
  • Sixpack sealed seat clamp
  • Single and dual drive options


During development, our frames undergo extensive testing on the test bench at our HQ in Vogt. They are tested for performance, load and durability in stress tests with a total of over 500,000 stress cycles per frame. All frames are tested far beyond the prescribed standards, so that our gravel bike is listed in category 2 and is therefore suitable for use on trails.

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