How it all began

Successful thanks to German quality engineering. The desire for functional and solid bike technology, a great passion for riding and a few too many beers – the ingredients that inspired Robert Krauss and Markus Zander in their 2006 Whistler mountain biking vacation to found the Propain Bicycles brand.

The downhill bike „Rage“ immediately caught the attention of the mountain bike community and marks the starting point of the brand. Developed by Robert Krauss, the Rage with its novel design, very smooth „Pro10“ suspension system, and its great reliability, was an immediate success. Key qualities that all Propain models share up to today. Propain stands for gravity dedicated bikes focused on maximum pleasure! More riding, less wrenching. A philosophy that led to Propain´s success. For 2018, there are ten different models, ranging from the Rage downhill rig to the kids hardtail Dreckspatz. How is that possible? It was achieved with a team of dedicated bike enthusiasts who live riding, are part of the bike community and through countless trail rides know what works. The engineering team guarantees that Propain is in control of the entire development process, from the first idea to the final production drawings.

This explains Propain´s popularity and growth. Initially, Markus Zander´s basement formed the headquarters, which was soon moved from Frankfurt via Ginsheim to Gustavsburg. 2012 marked an important year in the company´s young history: the Propain Bicycles GmbH was founded, David Assfalg entered the company as its second managing director and Propain moved to a larger facility in Tettnang, near Lake Constance. Additionally, Propain switched over to a customer direct distribution model. An essential key to the success, which allows for direct undisguised communication between manufacturer and customer, and also guarantees best prices.

Propain´s subsequent move to larger facilities in Ravensburg and eventually to their own company building in Vogt, is a result of the ever increasing number of models and their popularity. Simultaneously Propain’s staff tripled in size and the portfolio for 2016 excites with eight classy bikes that are meticulously built up by hand in Vogt. Our recently established quality management system guarantees that only perfect bikes are sent out. Bikes, like a good mate: always there, when you need them!