Lease your dream bike and save up to 40%

Customize your dream bike now and lease it with just a few clicks through your company. Deutsche Dienstrad is free of charge for your empoyer and you can save up to 40% compared to a direct purchase thanks to the salary conversion. Whether you are riding privately or for business, your bike is fully covered.

How it works for employees

You save a significant amount of money compared to a direct purchase and have the freedom to choose from all PROPAIN bike models. Deutsche Dienstrad is only available to customers residing in Germany.
  • Tax advantage through salary conversion
  • Savings up to 40% compared to a direct purchase
  • 100% coverage thanks to fully comprehensive insurance incl. mobility guarantee and also in the event of theft

4 steps to your service bike

1. Step: Register on the Deutsche Dienstrad platform
You will receive a registration link from your Deutsche Dienstrad contact. If your company does not yet work with Deutsche Dienstrad, ask your employer or contact Deutsche Dienstrad for more information.

2. Step: Find your dream bike
Configure and order your bike on our website. Add the bike to your shopping cart and select “Leasing via Deutsche Dienstrad” as the payment method.

3. Step: Confirm the contract in the platform
After we have received the order, we will post the offer on the Deutsche Dienstrad platform. Log in to the platform and accept the offer.

4. Step: Get your dream bike
We will then send you an e-mail confirming the lease approval and inform you of the expected dispatch date.

Calculate leasing for your PROPAIN bike now

With the leasing calculator you can determine your monthly rate as well as your savings compared to a direct purchase – try it out now!

6 reasons for Deutsche Dienstrad

1. Savings up to 40%
With a monthly payment in small installments, you can start riding your dream bike right from day one.

2. Fully covered
Fully comprehensive insurance with mobility guarantee is included.

3. Use it privately or for business purposes
Get on your bike for work, sports or a bike ride with your family.

4. Benefit from discounts
Found a discount on our website? Great! Discounted bikes can also be leased.

5. Free choice of model
Depending on the intended use, select your suitable bike model and configure it according to your personal preferences and needs.

6. Accessories can be leased with the bike
Simply lease your bike lock and other associated accessories and benefit from savings here as well.

Not yet a Deutsche Dienstrad customer?

Get your PROPAIN bike now and become part of the future-oriented, climate-neutral mobility! Join us by contacting us directly or informing your employer about Deutsche Dienstrad. We’ll take care of the rest and get you on your dream bike quickly and easily.

Any questions?

In our FAQ section you will find more information and frequently asked questions about Deutsche Dienstrad.