Shipping and Delivery

Delivery Date

After we receive your payment, we will send you the expected production date for your bike.



Game time: Your bike has made it into production! We keep you informed about every step of production with an automatic e-mail. So you are always informed where your bike is at any time.


Step 1: Frame Preparation
Your frame gets a little love. New bearings, decals, the shock fender and the cable routing are mounted.


Step 2: Consignment
All components are being compiled, depending on  the bike and the build kit we are talking about approximately 50 pieces.


Step 3: Assembly
Your frame is ready to become a real bike! Our mechanics assemble your bike and tune in everything: drivetrain, brakes, cockpit…


Step 4: Quality Check
Before it is ready it has to go through our quality gate. This is where we double check everything on the bike, so we can assure it works 100% and everything is just like you ordered it.


Step 5: Shipping or Pick-up
If you have chosen the shipping option, your bike will be prepared for its journey: handlebar, saddle and front wheel are disassembled, safely attached to the bike and  expertly stored in a special shipping box. As soon as it is on its way, you will get the tracking number and you can check the progress of your baby at any time! If you have chosen the pick-up option, we get in touch with you to agree on a pick-up date. The bike will be ready for you on that day and we will help you adjust all basic settings once you pick it up.



To get your baby safely to your place we use special shipping boxes. The price for the box is included in the shipping costs.


Small PartsBikesFrames
Germany4,90 €39,95 €20,00 €
EU14,95 €59,00 €45,00 €
Albania29,00 €107,40 €69,00 €
Andorra29,00 €107,40 €69,00 €
Bosnia and Herzegowina29,00 €107,40 €69,00 €
Lichtenstein29,00 €107,40 €69,00 €
Norway29,00 €107,40 €69,00 €
Switzerland29,00 €107,40 €69,00 €
Ukraine29,00 €107,40 €69,00 €
Belarus29,00 €107,40 €69,00 €
Iceland60,00 €267,00 €190,00 €
La Réunion60,00 €267,00 €190,00 €
Russia60,00 €267,00 €190,00 €
South Africa16,00 €267,00 €190,00 €
Hong Kong60,00 €267,00 €190,00 €
Singapure60,00 €267,00 €190,00 €