Millenium CF

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Extremely robust, lightweight and with maximum longevity. The high-tech flat pedal – Made in Germany!


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Using carbon fiber in the new Millenium CF Pedal resulted in an unprecedented combination of high impact resistance, low weight and precision unseen before in a composite pedal. Sixpack created a pedal body made from PA, reinforced with recyceled carbon fibres from industrial offcuts, with a large 105 x 114 mm footprint, 36 extra-long stainless steel pins, two stainless steel ball bearings per side, igus® bushings and special CrMo axles. All of this manufactured in close proximity to the Sixpack HQ in Ravensburg, Germany.

With the Millenium CF pedals Sixpack wanted a pedal that could deliver on a long hassle free, service life. This is achieved by using stainless steel ball bearings, which hold up to the elements and resist rust, pitting and precision igus® bushings. Paired with corrosion-resistant, thermo-chemically hardened CrMo axle ensures your pedals will run smooth for a long time. Sixpack protects all those internal components from the elements such as dust, dirt, mud and moisture with their custom radial seal.

Material Composite, Carbon
Colour Black
Pedal type Platform
Weight 350 g
Platform 105 mm x 114 mm
Height 18,5 mm center (15 mm leading edge)
Pins per side 18